As to one, the expectation is realized in ‘the produce X101’ started to featuring the first video recordings.


Preventing all Yeoreot of the long march the survivor program ‘the produce X101’ starts to featuring the first video recordingsThe Mnet ‘the produce 101’ series which the world of singers one stroke including the group child OR person, wanna circle, eyes circle, and etc. ejects drawn ‘great rookie’s so far The public eye and ear leans if season telecast of which this program keeping the nationwide topic of conversation and record exceptional is fresh in 2019 is notified in advance and ‘the produce 101 syndrome’ is once and caused. The reason why the hot expectation pours into the program which it doesn’t broadcast yet in this way is what. Firstly, the fun has the Jeom that the Jeom is guaranteed with the existence of Junyeong Ahn PD who in charge of direction. It was criticized as 1 ‘the direction of the devil’. However, the editing of Junyeong Ahn PD presenting the abundant prologue and tension finely woven can be expected. It can hold of the season 1~3 of ‘the produce 101’ which it can be called as 1 ‘the idol gateway to success’ by reason of the precedents. The Chungha and multiplication table washed rice which is presently being actively active or I OR person which produces the majority stars such as the diamond Chung stick unscrewwing, etc (the season 1). Till the season 2 which belongs as the members who are worthy of representative including the river Daniels, anchorage Korean translation of Chinese character, round fortress mistake, Jaehwan Kim, and etc. and after that gives the incredible popularity birth to wanna circle, that is Kkeureot, Moreover, it made debut after the season 3 people ‘the produce 48’. The exceptive term of a contract of can be taken notice. The child OR person it be because make the period that it is the year 5 which the eyes circle is more extended than 6 months term of a contract in 2 in 2 with wanna circle stand in 1. Meantime, play an active part in this season as MC which Mentor of the actor Donguk Lee I trainees will play a role. The part the trainers to improve the ability of the trainees was opened. Mnet revealed on 4th, “the wrapper cheetah and singer ear stone Korean translation of Chinese character, Jaeseong Kwon, and 58th year of the sexagenary cycle U.S. joined in the trainer”. These donate wanna circle to the ejected season 2 broadcasting altogether and the trainees are trained directly. Meantime, this on is decided and ‘the produce X101’ is the broadcasting schedule for first half.
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