Lee Jung Hyeon opening the marriage announcement and second film for the life surprisingly


All Ullin 4 month wedding marches which the Lee Jung Hyeon (40) dominating 90’s comes as ‘the techno warrior woman’ Second film for life which one He becomes firmly the sense of presence the wife of one man by the singer and actor now was notified in advance. Lee Jung Hyeon brought up “unawares 21 runs short also whether I make debut in the entertainment world or not” “in order to feel the large-scale love of the fan everyone so far and reward everyone with the good work and music more eagerly, the best is run out” the word from its own Instagram on 4th. After that, he gave of “it was me which was likely to love the work forever. The valuable man who inspires the love unsparingly and would like to share life got to be met to lacking I with the endless courage” the marriage news. The Lee Jung Hyeon “the love soon to be husband respects and considers and prevents of the life of the second” told “it promises to give the recompense to everyone into the deeper acting after getting married as the actor”. The report material was presented and the agency banana incubation entertainment of Lee Jung Hyeon revealed previously “all Ollin the wedding ceremony in which Lee Jung Hyeon is the university hospital orthopedic surgeon of 3 living swallowings and 1 on April 7th it associates”. Lee Jung Hyeon who the family and acquaintance invited from Seoul somewhere considering one in which the soon to be husband is the people and it proceeded as the private, lets the foot in the entertainment world into the year 1996 movie ‘petal’s appeared on the drama ‘7 spoons’ ‘the legend of the ambition’ ‘the beautiful days’ back and the wedding ceremony built up the performance. All Chireot the hazing debutting surprisingly as the singer after in 1999 He is successful with the regularity 1 album ‘Let’ SGo My Star (the Recheu MI star) ‘The key to success of Lee Jung Hyeon was in the exceptive concept. In 1 album title song ‘it changes’, he suffered the future-oriented cloth. The microphone was installed on the little finger and it sang a song. Lee Jung Hyeon called as ‘the techno warrior woman’ due to this did the hit in ‘with’ and once. The singer pass of Lee Jung Hyeon was successful. It succeeded every the tune in which it exposes ‘it gives’ ‘it reaches’ ‘it follows’ ‘the evacuation, it loves’ back and the unchallenged color of Lee Jung Hyeon was built. The singer activity was discontinued and the direction was changed and Lee Jung Hyeon concentrated again on the actor activity about 2,010 years of after. Chinese activity was gone side by side and Filmography was again piled up with the movie ‘the crime boy’ ‘conviviality’ ‘alice of the sincere country’ ‘split’ ‘also the warship’ etc. Lee Jung Hyeon is having the premiere of the movie ‘it is 2 obvious’ (gaze) and movie ‘the humans which don’t die night’ etc. a period ahead this year. It is and the expecting to apperace on ‘peninsula’ (gaze), that is the sequel of the movie ‘the Busan Haeng’. The debut, in 21, the round Lee Jung Hyeon building the color of me in the various field including the singer, actor, and etc. notified marriage news the electric charge the second film for the life in advance. Especially it looks forward if he who determines the smoke which becomes intense more and more because of being the steps meets as by any kind of appearance with the public in the future.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747102.htm, 2019/03/05 00:00:03]