Succeed to TXT and mind of ‘the bulletproof Bangsihyeok’ (synthesis)


“‘ practice is the livelihood. It is the advice which it emphasizes always to the bulletproof Boy Scouts, the Bangsihyeok producer installs. It will become the tomorrow bi together which someone installs eagerly so that he will not may become to the seniors. The day only the Ji making debut It is the group, that is the shoes setting foot on the world of singers, now just now. However, the topic of conversation is hotter than this what kind of idol. With the idol whom the Bangsihyeok producer makes after the global idol bulletproof Boy Scouts, Boy group which the big hit entertainment reveals in 6 years, and 5 days afternoon the second opinion Boy group tumor of the big hit entertainment in Seoul Kwangjin-ku highest heavens direction Ro YES24 livehall it is the talk of the tomorrow bi together which makes debut it hangs altogether the splendid modifierThe media showcase of Balee Woo together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER and under TXT) opened. Kim ring announcer ind charge of the progress and the showcase of TXT (FRB, law, Tae string, and Hyuningka which it is the number of member vacant) was advanced in the stage of the debut title song ‘the horn grew in the hair one day’ (CROWN) and MC talk and Q&a order beginning with the photo time. TXT made the title that it is the group succeeding to the advantage of the bulletproof Boy Scouts including the music and performance, contents, and etc. as it is stand at the front side. So, it was subjected to the public expectancy in one body since the debut. The unlike other people popularity and attention against was hit so that the man of god making debut didn’t may give an answer thanks to this now just now. However, at the same time, one which bore the large-scale burden and which it stopped at the stage is the fact. All Kkeureot as to of the energy and energy is full the title song ‘the horn grew in the hair one day’ stage choreographing of the big hit style in which the attention The group dancing in which the clear and cool fascination of 5 boys is emphasized and performance could be simultaneously felt. All Geonnet the greeting the members finishing the stage safely rise to the stage with a bit tense features The member holding the microphone is the leader Beanlee Su first of all. The practice He “it gets to make debut and is very happy and is nervous” ” Bangsihyeok producer is the livelihood always. If it got to stop at the stage directly, whether it was important will why get to know and the practice emphasized always. The resolution the man of god Dap It will become TXT which will remember this word and which it does eagerly was tramped. The greeting where there is “it is the cute youngest Huening car of TXT” which is the youngest Huening car of TXT the charm was conveyed. He, as to ” Bangsihyeok producer emphasized the team work. The team work will be well hardened between the members and the good group will come to us and it told to be to beat. It is TXT passing over the music video inquiry tens of millions view with the debut simultaneously suddenly. The impression related to this could be listened. It gets to get till the simultaneously good grade and the law is inspected with one making debut “because of alighting on the seat watching by the news, it is very nervous”. At the same time, the excessive idea got and the impressions was conveyed. After that, it greeted condescendingly “surely the word that it gives thanks to the fan waiting for the debut the reporter who is in the big hit entertainment members the scene on would like to be decided” and hung head. The one’s innermost feeling of TXT called as ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts brother group’ could be listened from the debut. It is the qualifier felt like the fear to 5 boys entering the world of singers now just now. For this reason, the eye line didn’t write. The leader Subin opened without reservation heart “boldly we will don’t know whether we can increase like that. However, it thanks still” “however, when there was a lot of the worry as much as the expectancy was big”. Although, absolutely someone will not be caused to the reputation of ” seniors. The determination which is to beat was conveyed it will do eagerly doing the best. The debut title song ‘the horn grew in the hair one day’ (CROWN) of TXT is the song expressing the growing pain of the boy entering the puberty in the unique word that it is ‘horn’ with the since pop (Synth Pop) genre which the trendy installs. The horn rises suddenly from the head one day and it is confused. However, it is the content that it meets you who are alike even when being different from me and is excited and the heart begins to beat. The vocal of which is charming and colorful 5 members and song lyrics and polished sound is in harmony sensitive. ‘Blue Orangeade’ is the tune disentangling the meeting with the man who is I and direct opposition with the complementary color contrast freshly on the except. It is the Halsey, Selee or Gomez, and Milra Kka Cabet and ‘Our Summer’ which the artists who the back is international and Ppyu processing sticks (The Futuristics) produce sings the symbolic time and space enjoying the friendship and adventure together. ‘Cat & Dog’ in which the Meombeul rap (Mumble Rap) of the members stands out is the tune which it sings the inner in which it appears change on the meeting whether it is someone or not. The Marimba melody becomes more and more on the gangway rhythm and the cute mood is created. ‘the nap of the sort’ is the soft modern rock feeling the harmony beautiful of 5 members added to the elec guitar playing. The delicate voice of the controlled musical instrument organization and members met and the sensibility was maximized. 5 members keeping the boy U.S. fullness reinterpretted as the style doing the various music genre including the since pop, hip-hop, soft modern rock, and etc. the trendy through the debut album. TXT starting the real activity is the determination that the energy will overflow in the various stages and it will show the unique performance.
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