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The fact that the actor Ryu swimming and broadcaster this approval was the friend which is familiar from the undergraduate years is known and it is the topic. In JTBC variety program ‘the refrigerator is asked’ broadcasted at last fourth afternoon, class swimming and this approval appeared as the guest. This day 2 man expressed the friendship kept from the year 21. Class swimming revealed the impression participating together in the video recording “the program like the approval brother of was thought with one anytime and this is the first time”. As to this approval, moreover It became ” we with (the relation is finished, whether) in 21. The comedian of was dreamed and class swimming dreamed of the player, I can be said to have the thing which “***” will meet in one program then some time. This end accomplished in 21 years and the glad look was hinted. The senior-junior relationship which 2 people meets in the undergraduate years traditional martial arts club As to this approval, “the undergraduate years and class swimming came in order to do the club application and I was in the sofa then” ” I ‘ our club were not place coming in anyone but class swimming was good at the nunchaku. At that time, the start which gets to accumulate the friendship It became the best friend was explained. ” super strength meantime class swimming opens the printed picture to Instagram with the undergraduate years this approval on 5th it broadcasts 21 years ago, this approval The appearance from behind class swimming The only which it strikes down until it is just broken The core of the super strength uploaded the use of an instrument and writing called the patience “.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747131.htm, 2019/03/05 10:20:35]