“the brother had one brother”.’The good example ‘ of the man ‘end’ remake in which It becomes the king


‘the brother jumping over the brother’ The TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the man who It becomes the king’ (the script Kim Sondeok and direction Heewon Kim) broke the old proverb called ‘the brother doesn’t have one brother’ based on the soft output which the percentage of completion is high and development and strong acting ability of the actors drastically exceptive. The deep lingering imagery was left to the audiences and ‘the man who It becomes the king’ that got the criticism called ‘the good example of the remake’ and that it prevents and that it gets off was left. The man ‘ last episode where It becomes the king recorded the self highest ratings. As to 16 times broadcasted at last fourth, the average 10.9% recorded 12.8 % (the cable ·IPTV· satellite) most. The TvN target (man and woman 2049) audience rating the average 4.5% 5.4% was most and recorded and the whole channel was included and it rose per B. In this day broadcast, the leaving ship (aftershock device), as to the looks which put down the rebel army and which decided firmly on the peaceful times for the footstool and in which it opens the reign of peace was the sacrifice of the royal major-domo this Gyu (the Kim Sang-kyung) drawn. It abdicated the throne to the royal family existing military (yoon foil) in which “the someone shouldn’t lust personally for the king’s seat” showed the belief and which tightens the talent of the constellation and the leaving ship retired by oneself from the king’s seat. Chulgung the ox luck (2se territory) sharing the will did Ppyeseoin with the ask in advance but the attack was received from the force in which the followed leaving ship followed the contrast (yeongnam Jang) and it was unable to come back to the side of the So luck. He appeared in the before of the small luck waited endlessly for the leaving ship like that like the dream. The eternity was promised and 2 people getting back together again by the common couple who the wage and Queen is not took the happy ending. Like this, the satisfaction of the audiences was improved with the eventuality which is suitable for the qualifier that it is ‘the ending good restaurant’. It is the work getting the motive from the man ‘the movie only the stuff’ mine pollution ‘ in which It becomes the king. However, the playing a variation wrote the narration of the original as much as it did in being the recreation and the charm of the drama was restored. The evaluation that it advanced and broke the conventional grammar of the quadrupole and opened the new vista of the quadrupole was obtained. For that the man ‘ which It becomes the king acceded Wellmade quadrupole, the high quality direction of Heewon Kim PD played a role. Kim PD gave the feel in which just it seems to guess the movie of one volume as the beautiful visual art utilizing the abundant Mise en scene in the young director who gained recognition for the ability as ‘the Don flower’, that is the previous work, and as in comet shows. The spot causing the favorable comment which is most greater than what is the ending direction. Kim PD presented the explosive lingering imagery in the signature ending where it converts into the suddenly black screen after pulling each time final scene and feeling of the sequence up onto the maximum value. The audiences named the nickname that it is ‘the ending good restaurant’ ‘the ending Syulraeng Mi’. The man ‘ which It becomes the king was called as the drama without the acting hole. The character of the both extremes tearing down the tyrant tooth which suffered from the threat between the light pattern leaving ship having the nature which was warm and upright and assassination and was poisoned with the drug and meets the after all tragic last was digested and the aftershock device was given a favorable reception. In the pole latter half part, the looks which the leaving ship has the dignity of the king was expressed as if the water was flowed and it did to be the audiences surprised. 2se the soul described delicately Queen infancy luck opposite incubating the hard inner surface in the mild personality and emitted light in the heart-rending romance with the aftershock device and proved the acting spectrum. The smoke adding the persuasive power to the cubic character that Kim Sang-kyung is ‘the loyalist poisonning the master group’ like the commonly acknowledged quadrupole master artisan was shown. Meantime, the actor Chinyeong Park and ‘the psychometry this guy’ of the Sinyeeun starring are broadcasted in ‘the man who It becomes the king’ subsequent. On the coming eleventh at 9:30 p.m., the first broadcastings
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