The chart all kill… top position is stood by with ‘queen’ stern and ‘Nuareu’.


It is the feed back of ‘queen’. The singer stern (26· one’s real name this stern) revealed the new musical composition ‘Nuareu’ (Noir) p.m. 6 on 5th and it came out on the normal carrying everything before one. And it put name in the first place of real-time music chart for the open day grandiosely, 5 days and ‘Nuareu’ of the stern took the Naver-music, orle music, sound sea, and bucks, that is 6 domestic major sound source site except Melon. It put name in the real-time music chart (at 10 a.m., the standard) 1 Wi. It is the archives of the open day. The stern took part in the writing the lyrics directly and the Nuareu ‘ worked the composition with the producer EL CAPITXN communally. The Nuareu represented by the mood genre in the various cultural territories put the theme the meaning that ‘Nuareu’, that is the tune title, interpreted abundantly as the music and image. The stern has and the unlike other people meaning as ‘Nuareu’ to show the sound source power once. It was the same with the mini album ‘siren’ which it brings out last year that ‘girl’ was announced after the agency transfer of registration in 2017 and He who is Kkeureot tramped firmly and the sense of presence with ‘hero’ in 2018 once and the hot popularity was succeeded in 2 consecutive performance. ‘siren’ is regardless of the real-time, day, and daytime and sweeps the chart and is the excellent sound source grade the steps. Especially, in the case of ‘siren’, the new record was presented such as receiving six medal holders of music broadcasting, etc. In addition, it is in the first place of real-time music chart to ‘Nuareu’ in the open day and 4 consecutive performance is made to expect. The potential energy of the solo singer stern is shown, the foil sees beginning with March and comeback of the stern, the songstresses in person of real ability including smallpox nothing Chinyeong Hong, and etc. are having the comeback ahead. It is the work which it watches over if ‘Nuareu’ of the stern observes the music chart among others firmly. Meantime, the pushing on trained the ticket on the North America 4 city including it opens the first after Seoul concert which it holds on 24th prosperity Ri which it goes through the first areas of the first world tour ‘2,019 stern THE 1ST WORLD TOUR WARNING’ New York, LA, Toronto, Calgary, which and etc. and the stern became a hot issue. After that, the hot popularity is proved such as the other regions gives notice of the approaching sold out and the Mexico area is added to the first region, etc.
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