The daily life not right after the case which it is Yoo, the high elder unscrews Also the casting penalty


The co-actor/co-actress king’s words was come and is gone on the occasion of ten the elder unscrews anniversaries of death of death and the mouth was donated to the Tbs FM ‘the Gimeojun of the news factory’ in relation with the case which came and goes the actor king’s words and which the high (late) elder unscrews Yeoreot everyone.5 day in the morning. This day revealed the real name for the first time and He answering anonymously the interview with media showed the face so far. It revealed as the colleague on intimate terms before with the co-actor/co-actress belonging to the company which is same with the death which the high elder visiting the king’s words unscrews at that time. It said in the broadcasting in which it visits the king’s words “the victim could not hide and the attacker cannot see more honorable one” “the daily life itself was impossible after testifying”. In the meantime, ” (due to the interest of the media) move installed much. It achieved in the time when the investigation by police itself is late. There is when going at dawn. It was the testifier identity and added. After that, he revealed “the press company car shadowed after the police testifier investigation”. When asking “it is this press company implicated in the case”, then Gimeojun gave an answer “it is right” visited the king’s words. It opened heart “there was no at the time round and after investigating, the police gave the round a ride. The car in which the name of this press company is written followed” that it visits the king’s words “the shadowing was trying to be shaken off such as the police violated the traffic signal, etc”. It is know to testify from “the situation which is not cast was felt” that it visits the king’s words which it insists to be excluded from the casting, ” director about ‘ case. The casting got to be impossible and it gets to listen and realize and told. The document in which the real name and impediment is printed was left at March 7th in 2009 and Jayeon Jang ended Jayeon Jang life by oneself. The list in which the real name is contained was left saying that it was forced into the sexual bribery and was pestered by 31 people including the drama PD, broadcasting, the press figures and large enterprise financial business employee, and etc. with the violence.
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