‘the Deo yeast right violence’ Kim Changhwan president and denial of suspicion · door PD violence accreditation (synthesis)


With Yeongil Moon producer who the Kim Changhwan media line entertainment president denied the group Deo yeast right from ear stone season · two wins prefecture brother assault charge with the front side, is arrested for the habit child abuse charge in the trial which the day is held in the Seoul Seocho-gu Seoul Central District Court with 5 in the morning and Kim Changhwan the prosecution without detention changes into the child abuse charged with aiding and abetting president and suspicions on violation of child welfare law that Charged Lee Jung Hyeon representative attended as the defendant. This day prosecution insisted “yeongil Moon PD extended about 31 times and 2 member (ear stone iron · two wins string brother) was physical emotionally abused”. And the Kim Changhwan president revealed that he did the ill-treatment act habitually such as recommending the electronic cigarette for ear stone iron who is the minor and hiting the back of the head and, etc he overlooked the violence of Yeongil Moon PD and aided and abetted. Yeongil Moon PD explained as “it was the victims and intimate relationship. The violence is not enjoyed” even when admitting the charge. As to the Kim Changhwan president and Lee Jung Hyeon representative, the front side denied all charges. ” child abuse or the violence assistance, and etc. was not done. Ear stone iron brother and their 6 people including parents, and etcs used one statement as the evidence in the organization investigation, and etc., 2 people which protected the children and insists didn’t agree. The prosecution applied for ear stone iron · two wins prefecture brother for the witness in relation with the denial of suspicion of 2 people. The stop seat lawyer taking care of the defense of ear stone iron · two wins string brother will be ” truth Bahi. It accused together of the defamation and the member sexual intercourse river and Ieun castle told. The Kim Changhwan president left the position at the question of the reporters in the refuse to answer. Lee Jung Hyeon representative told “the media play doesn’t want to be done” “it will concentrate on the justice”. Ear stone iron held this Straigth member violence damage press interview in the Gwanghwamun in Seoul attorneys’ hall more at October last year and revealed “it had been being assaulted to Yeongil Moon producer since 2015 so far in 4 years”. Ear stone steel revealed the violence content detailedly after that Yeongil Moon producer covering CCTV and window and hiting the heap with the baseball bat or binding the guitar string to the neck, it pulled the line and tightened the neck. Additionally, it disclosed to look on this and, the impact was given. More, this Straigth debutted ‘the genius band’ as the concept in 2016. It is the group in which the member this mistake battle formation informs the face in ‘the produce 101 season 2’ and which it becomes famous. The Kim Changhwan president is the composer and producer making the star from the singer Geonmao Kim, Seonghun Shin, and etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747195.htm, 2019/03/05 15:15:39]