The Korean movie performance territory depended on ‘the captain marble’


The ripple force is great from the unsealing. The movie ‘the captain marble’ first opening with the whole first in the world in Korea reached the booking rate 88%. Fully it can be called as ‘the marble republic’. However, the Korean movie is the tearful face. The booking rate of ‘the captain marble’ (· Ryan fleck the director child makes) according to 5 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result at 1:30 p.m. 5 it was due to be faced with the crisis which the Korean movie which takes the smile back barely it will be this year will get to be once again deprived of the box office higher rank seat by the marble studio like the last year88.3% was recorded as Jun. The advance purchase audience is 350,234 people. ‘ resistance, that is two Wi of booking rate: Youkwansun talk ‘1.7%,’ Saba Ha ‘1.7%,’ money ‘when comparing with 1.7%, it is the overwhelming tea.’The captain marble ‘the one, in which it hits against the interest in this way last year, solder 한 movie’ Eobenjyeoseu: The scramble of the captain marble is informed in the final scene and cry Infinity. All Moeun the interest which is especially special because of being the major work informing the start of ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ formation total events and character story beforeThe Korean movie world has the closely tense shape on powerful this kind of marble studio movie scramble. Because of being ‘money’ of the starring making the Ryujun row · Yu Ji-tae · encounter, ‘idol’ of the Han Suk-kyu · Kyongkoo Seol · the Cheonuhui starring, and Lee Sun germs · total destruction by fire, the movie opened after ‘the captain marble’ is ‘the bad quality police’ of the starring causing · oppression and ‘birthday’ back of the conduction kite · snow scene Gu starring. The veteran actors that are worthy of representative in the Chung-mu road sally a lot but if it compares with the concern degree about the marble studio art, the power is exhibited. However, ‘the captain marble’ underwent the problem including the grade terror, and etc. from the unsealing. It becomes a problem that Beuriraseun of the star carol Dan bus station mentions ‘the captain marble’ as the feminist movie For this reason, the negative motion of ‘the declaration of denial of inspection’ ‘the horoscope 0 dot cycle’ etc. is captured in on-line community. The multiplication seems to be in the Korean movie if this flow continues. As much as especially it is given a favorable reception in Berlin international film festival in case of ‘idol’ and gains recognition as the literary value, it is looking forward. It is the year 2,019 first the marble studio art putting the story which is reborn as the captain marble ‘the last hope of the Eobenjyeoseu the pilot carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) losing the memory meets Schild personnel Nick fury (the Samuel L. Jackson)’ captain marble ‘. Open on the coming sixth.
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