The tomorrow bi together debut song MV 10 million view breakthrough.’The Kirok 新 ‘, that is the god, this year


The big hit entertainment new group tomorrow bi together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) captivated the whole world with the debut simultaneously. The chapter of the tomorrow bi the together debut album ‘ hope: The horn grew in the head one day with STAR ‘title song’ (CROWN) and the music video recorded 10 million YouTube hit to 7 o’clock in the morning on 5th. This is the shortest time new record among the man of god making debut this year. The tomorrow bi together opened ‘when the horn grew in the hair one day (CROWN)’ music video to the formal YouTube channel at last fourth at 6 p.m. The music video passed over 8 million views in four hours of opening to the public in 3 million views, 10 hours and broke through 10 million views in 13 hours. According to the group agency big hit entertainment, the debut album of the tomorrow bi together and music video was subjected to the interest which is the highestest in the whole world as well as the national in one body. It rose to the domestic major Portal site real time searching Eo 1 Wi and twitter whole world trend and the first place of YouTube popularity sudden increase movie and the topic of conversation was proved. Moreover, exceptionally the first for was accounted in the debut first day Japan YouTube trending and Japan line music. Besides, the first was recorded in the whole world 40 Yeo country and area Aittyunjeu ‘the top album’ chart including U.S.A right after opening to the public, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Hong kong, Taiwan, and etc. It is the tune in which the horn grew in the head one day (CROWN) and which it expresses in the word that it is ‘the growing pain of the boy entering the since pop (Synth Pop) genre which the trendy installs toward the puberty’ horn. The looks and achieves FRB, law, Tae string, and ‘the boy U.S’ of the Hyuningka 5 member which the music video is the number empty motion graphic, cartoon animation, and etc. which becomes more and more and the visual art which is unique and sensitive is shown. The tomorrow by together is planning to open the today (5 days) fan showcase and is planning to meet with the global fans.
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