The tomorrow bi together “one which it will not scratch on the bulletproof Boy Scouts name”


The thankful mind was conveyed towards the bulletproof Boy Scouts in which the second opinion Boy group tomorrow bi together of the big hit entertainment is the same senior in company. All Nanwot the various talk which the tomorrow bi together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER and under TXT) opens the media showcase in Seoul Kwangjin-ku highest heavens direction Ro YES24 livehall in the afternoon on 5th and it is related to the debut albumTXT is the Boy group in which the ejecting big hit entertainment reveals the global idol bulletproof Boy Scouts in 6 years. The title that it is the group succeeding to the advantage of the bulletproof Boy Scouts including the music and performance, contents, and etc. as it was made stand at the front side. TXT called as ‘the brother group in the bulletproof Boy Scouts’ from the debut In the various end-of-year awards and Grammy awards red carpet events, the bulletproof Boy Scouts mentions TXT, that is the junior group, and shows the unlike other people affection. The member FRB of TXT watched the video mentioning “the bulletproof Boy Scouts is the same as the like sky senior” ” us and it was startled all of a sudden. The Grammy awards was the seat in which the international stars are invited and was the large-scale honor with one 10,000 which that seat mentions the name of TXT and conveyed the impressions. The law was added “if it is the enormous fan of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and the company meets usually, even if it is unable to make eye contact, it is unable to hang up” “but, when the thanks to this many courage which supplies the word always in advance and, emphasizes importance of teamwork or and decides on the word of the cheer is gotten and done”. “it will become the junior who runs out the best so that someone will not may become to the name of the bulletproof Boy Scouts seniors” the unlike other people determination was tramped and TXT revealed the ambition the new group Dap. The debut song ‘the horn grew in the hair one day’ (CROWN) of TXT expressed the growing pain of the boy entering the since pop (Synth Pop) genre which the trendy installs toward the puberty in the word that it is ‘horn’. Start the real working beginning with the debut stage on 4th.
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