This encouragement and ‘ resistance: The reason why it is abused in Youkwansun talk ‘


The movie ‘ resistance: The attention of the audiences is pulled in Youkwansun story ‘ in Japanese chief of security with the sense of presence in which the actor this encouragement which is resentful as the Sintaro station is peculiar and there is. Sintaro is the villain doing the cruel adviser habitually with the character of the fiction among the pole in the time. The role which can be loved was not. However, when it was the character holding the mind noble of the national heroine Yoo Kwan-Soon and key important key which is the sacrificing mentality Dotbo and this encouragement didn’t hesitate and the role proposal came, it accepted without hesitation. Previously, this encouragement took care of the indispensable role in the movie ‘ensemble’ ‘there is no forgiveness’ ‘the anthem of the love’ ‘silmido’ etc. and had been playing an active part as the actor that came and goes Korea and Japan and has been piling up Filmography well-organized. The movie ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘eye and ear of the men are concentrated if this encouragement showing the appearance and strong once shows and the colorful change in any kind of work.’Resistance: This encouragement finishing the shooting of Youkwansun story ‘ is having the various play performances ahead in Korea and Japan.
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