‘with the exo ray ·NCT127 beginning’ The spirit of Michael Jackson whom the world keeps (synthesis)


The singer Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) tribute album project ‘the Geureittiseutteu dancer’ (The Greatest Dancer) started, the day was 5 the Seoul Mapo at 11 a.m. and “michael Jackson birth, in the 60th anniversary, the commemorative album ‘Let’s ShutUP & DANCE ‘press Conference” opened in the World Cup northern road NuriTcum Square K live VR park. In this day event, the hologram live broadcasting press interview in which Yoonha Hwang 7SIX9 entertainment representative and vice-president attended and which uses the KT5G technology over was presided. The first single album of the Let ‘s ShutUP & DANCE’ the Michael Jackson constitutional government special album project ‘deo Geureittiseutteu dancer’ (The Greatest Dancer) As to the project, the total 4 special singles including ‘Let’ S ShutUP & DANCE’ are recorded as the records which the artists getting the brainwave of the art of Michael Jackson and genius present to him. In ‘Let’ S ShutUP & DANCE’ revealed on the 22nd of last month, home and abroad normality artists took part. The national Idol group exo member ray and NCT127 Deung were trying to get the spirit of ‘the love, harmony, and peace’ of Michael Jackson with the ear, it did including the overseas singer Geysen part rouleaux (Jason Derulo) which is famous for ‘Wiggle’. It is together in “‘Let ‘s ShutUp And Dance’ and the ray conveying the greetings with the image shooting in this day actual place of China is happy. The same time was released at not only China but also whole world and this song caused the sensation and got the good reaction and will be heard like the music which is good for the front of “***” and told. It made a request by the NCT127, moreover, the image “it participates in the constitutional government project album which the Geurubeu Ro bad luck eclipse jack representing Korea and Asia is worm-eaten and is happy” “in the album this time, not only we international but also artist says have together, it expects much”. This day Yoonha Hwang representative “‘Let’s ShutUP & DANCE’ is getting the hot response such as China records most the first place of three days in a row right after release in many music charts including the music platform QQ music, and etc. after bringing out, etc” explained “the present music video YouTube hit is the status where it exceeds 10 million views”. Jerry Greenberg (Jerry Greengerg) president who is Michael Jackson the representative of label appeared in the field as the remote. By using the KT5G hologram technique, this day Jerry Greenberg and interview progressed with the real-time interpreter. He spoke the start of this special project in one reason with Korean artist “K pop thinks personally of the always new possibility that it finds out and there is the sense” “it expects maybe that the new Byeoldeul is much born in the music industrial circles because there is K pop and cold current”. After that, it revealed “while thinking like that, the artist ray of the best in Korea and NCT127 was noticeable to the eyes and these and album was made” “however, it is not just limited to Korea. When the project with is proceeded in the future and there is the artists who there are more lots with the worldwide and intention that there is the production,”. More, the Geureittiseutteu dancer ‘ (The Greatest Dancer) doesn’t stop to announce the cherish album with 1 time. Michael Jackson forms the lifetime and the undo takes care of the mind of want ‘the love, harmony, and peace’ and it proceeds continuously. Yoonha Hwang representative “as to ‘Let’s ShutUP & DANCE’, after 4, 5, and until June in every month successively new albums is announced as project first start” raised the expectation. ‘deo Geureittiseutteu dancer’ in which it informed Jerry Greenberg president “the participation request of many artists is gotten from the whole world after the first single album is announced” “if the artist to be together on was not decided yet but the afterward gets to be selected, the participation lineup will be opened with the album release”, four singles is altogether contained The album complete set of books is on June 25th previously schedule visited the cherish one’s memory 10 anniversary of death date stamp of Michael Jackson.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747172.htm, 2019/03/05 13:36:46]