2 kinds of ‘the captain marble’ cookie image and answer ‘the Eobenjyeoseu?’ (image)


While the movie ‘the captain marble’ (ryan fleck the director child makes) opens on 6th, the interest hot of the netizen is leaning to the cookies image which the movie starting time ago and after is revealed. The cookie image revealed this time is known to be related to ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ series. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu have the local unsealing ahead next month: It is the situation where the various guesses are coming out between the domestic fans watching the end game ‘the movie premiere with one suggesting the content that it is related’ captain marble ‘. Meantime, solder 한 ‘the captain marble’ is the year 2,019 first the marble studio work putting the talk in which the pilot carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) losing the memory meets Schild personnel Nick fury (the Samuel L. Jackson) and which is reborn as the last hope ‘the captain marble’ of the Eobenjyeoseu on 6th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747303.htm, 2019/03/06 15:08:38]