‘are the first appearances on the stage right?’… the artistic talent divergence shining in the SF9 and ‘the idol room’


The artistic talent of the group SF 9 (the signal fail court lady) completed TV. In JTBC variety program ‘the idol room’ broadcasted at last fifth afternoon, SF9 appeared as the guest. The SF9 appeared in ‘the idol room’ as the group for the first time emitted the cheerful artistic talent and talent. All Dalgwot.’ the atmosphere with the cheerful zoom bar dance which this day Lending sends “it asks to show in this activity” the video mail in the music broadcasting for the male fans sending the cheer, whereas, whereas the Jae gloss gives lessons of the culture center class to come into mind. In the pact check ‘ time, the story of one’s experiences of the brothers desiring the love of the youngest Chanhui eagerly poured. “the past Lending says undertake if Chanhui asks to go security” denied to the utmost and Lending gave the large-scale smile in the word of MC. Lending told about Chanhui “when there is the appeal which it doesn’t come over easily” and expressed the love. SF9 was 2 MC surprised by the strong dancing skill. In ‘the nano dance’ corner, the SF9 showing ‘it doesn’t become pretty’ point choreographing proved ‘the knife group dancing’ ability without the error of one chi. It fitted to the drama ‘SKY Castle’ OST ‘the lie (We All Lie) to be visited the stomach’ which Chanhui appears and the sun and state guest in charge of the dance line of the SF9 along with Chanhui showed the instant danceSF9 failed in the game which is given as the strength which it is worse than ‘ idol room ‘ production crew in the teamwork movement ability test begining with the giving information of the Chanhui again and all Neukkin ” acceded the brothers and generation gap which the strength is weak compared with to ‘ weakest body stone ‘. The leader state guest gave “as soon as it comes back as the narcissus sexy concept, the good title that it is ‘ weakest body stone ‘ gets to be gotten and it is the honor” the appearance on the stage impression the smile to the electric charge the last. Meantime, SF9 is acting for ‘it doesn’t become pretty’ actively.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747251.htm, 2019/03/06 09:20:50]