“does paparazzi wonder?” ‘big issue’ and watching game point 3 opening to the public


The managing editor who the former photojournalist falling to the hell to the photograph of the leaf and notoriety bringing him into Paparazzi is high spreads it is intense. The next increases Paparazzi war period. It notifies genre flood of ‘the movie the k is scooped up’ style in advance and as to ‘big issue’, the Kkeul Eo is planning to spend the audiences according to the production crew into Paparazzi talk. Among these, ‘big issue’ opens three points of interest inducing the interest in Paparazzi world. ◆ it is the new work of Hyeokrin Jang author who the collaboration ‘big issue’ of X movement Korean translation of Chinese character producer produces the characters that live with the development where the liveliness overflows and breathe at ‘yong arm’ ‘THEK2’ back and the Janghyeongnin Jak gains recognition for the peel force. The Geuryeo tomorrow plan the story which the feeling of movement in Paparazzi world overflowsHere, the visual art sensitive of the movement Korean translation of Chinese character PD receiving the interest in the new directing technique becomes more and more and the tension in Paparazzi world is expected to drag up extremely drag up. ◆ the interest is focused on the actors including the earth report people · one example has been lead the circularity ‘chemie’ ‘big issue’ of the earth report people · one example is worm-eaten · Heewon Kim · young shoot rate that is worm-eaten · Heewon Kim · young shoot rate, that and etc. The earth report wool was the photojournalist having a good sale for a while but undertook one stone pillar station where the dipsomania homeless people changed into the photograph leaf going wrong and which revives again as Paparazzi photojournalist. All Ppyeolchin the activity He doing the spectacle including emotion performance, of which the action scene and amplitude is big and etc. Leave Hanyeseul with the character who is the dysphemism which undertakes the entertainment scandal Paparazzi newspaper ‘the Sunday communication’ managing editor index number string which the best in the country notoriety is high and the job child causes the scandal of the stars in the change in acting style. All Ppyeolchin the villainous role Heewon Kim undertakes the index number string sharing all secrets of ‘the Sunday communication’ and role in which it gives this secret the modeling which manipulates the index number string it threatens as the curse it is the symbiotic relationship Here, the scoop 3 team head Janghye forward reverse of ‘the Sunday communication’ is undertaken and the immersion is planning to be the high smoke the steps. Besides, kyongcheol Song, Wu Guang rock, within the Deni, and etc. appears. ◆ it follows through the reporting procedure of one stone pillar (chinmao Choo) and index number string (the person that one example is worm-eaten) and ‘the Sunday communication’ from the stomach and lurking and spy purchase and ‘the circularity combination’ ‘big issue’ which Paparazzi world X episode form and immersion will raise serves the chased and urgent chase, and etc. Paparazzi field like the intelligence war performed in the middle of Seoul is vividly expressed and especially attention from viewers is planning to be captivated. Additionally, the inversion overturning each time common sense, as to the full content the hero of the reported scandal and Paparazzi episode of the stars is contained. The production crew “one that ‘ big issue ‘ gets to show ‘ Paparazzi world ‘ which there was no this in the before one new genre water as the motive” said “ask the expectancy and interest which is abundant in the actors and having the mighty acting ability ‘ big issue ‘ in which the production crew is mutual understanding and which gets to lead TV to exceptive Paparazzi world”. As to the big issue ‘, today, (6 days) is broadcasted at 10 o’clock p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747264.htm, 2019/03/06 10:10:54]