“fidelity” … morale till the Jichanguk → ‘shaven head’ Kim Sunggyu, closely, ‘the newly rising military academy’ (image)


” fidelity ‘the newly rising military academy’ will be well asked. The salute sound of the army stars participating in not only actor Jichanguk but also work resounded at ‘the newly rising military academy’ demonstration, the army original musical ‘the newly rising military academy’ demonstration progressed in the Seoul City Apgujeong-dong kwanglim Art center BBCH hole with 5 with the day at 3 p.m. This day demonstration progressed to the highlight concert demonstration and photo and talk time. The cold-heartedness, all Nanwot.’ the story about the work the direction, unsupervised in Hyunwon Chae, and Seo Jeongju martial arts director opened the composition · music supervision and Kim building attendsThe newly rising military academy ‘ is the musical in which it draws the story of the common men dedicating all ones in order to resist the newly rising military academy in which It becomes the root of the Republic of Korea Army the kana key with the background and take the deprived country back. The March 1st Independence Movement and Republic of Korea temporary government establishment in the 100th anniversary was commemorated this year and the encore performance was set in concrete and the show was started last month from 27th. In this day event, it was the affection toward the work and patriotism dirty with the features which the stars that sergeant Jichanguk, 1 bottle of Goeun castle, sergeant Haneul Kang, 1 trillion volume, 1 bottle, 1 bottle of Kim Sunggyu, and private this Jin-gi (SHINee On Yoo) etc. active service is serving are full of the morale. ” fidelity the actors reveal the impression participating in ‘the newly rising military academy’ encore performance ” fidelity it is the sergeant Changuk Gee The social position was not forgotten as the soup In such as being the sergeant Haneul Kang and saying, etc. The Jichanguk introducing me as ‘sergeant’ than the actor took care of the son of the larva determining for oneself and homonomy role in the national shame on Gyeongsul Year among the pole. The He “when it gets to participate in the meaningful work called ‘ newly rising military academy ‘ and it thinks, gloriously” revealed “the military life got to be sent while I installed this show. When it was the time it felt to be many and when it can think once again even when being playing,”. The member who one Haneul Kang leads ‘ newly rising military academy ‘ maiden performance along with Jichanguk to it congratulates the promotion with the sergeant, get 1 trillion bows When being the child who this rotatory reflection gathers among the pole and who raises, then it is resentful as eight provinces of Korea growing into the student that is excellent in the newly rising military academy. He explained “the feel which it did continuously like that with the same men, I had been being together in the work from the first performance it supports the something got” “but, the new men and breathing is fitted in this way and the work is kept, it feels good and it is taking part enjoyably”. It is participating as the thought that it studies more deeply again due to ‘private first class’ Goeun sexual “it can participate in the performance as the South Korean soldier and is the honor” which the double is cast to homonomy station along with Jichanguk the newly rising military academy about the history of my country. Because the history in Korea could be ruminated, it was proud to be meaningful and be the Korean citizen and it confessed. The infinite Kim Sunggyu the overlapped casting changing into the newly rising military academy instructor Jicheongcheon positively leading the independent movement besides these after Japan Military Academy graduation and SHINee this Jin-gi, moreover, all together, “because it can participate in meaningful ‘ newly rising military academy ‘ in the Republic of Korea Army, it is honorable” the impression were revealed. The newly rising military academy ‘ showed the first performance in the National museum of Korea for a theater at September last year and started and finished the show in Daegu the tour of the country between 4 month on the 6th of last month lastly. The favorable comment of the republic of literary critics and audience was dragged at that time and it rose as the newly rising performance strong man of the original musical. The encore performance which dispatched the actors that besides including the participates from the first performance Jichanguk, Haneul Kang, which and etc. is fresh and which the total of 46 people makes together was planned. However the encore was changed “because the soldier actors and creation gin met during the first performance for the first time made, it put an emphasis than they did well in making nice one work” in that the unsupervised in Hyeongwon Chae was becoming intimately acquainted and is know merits and demerits each other already. The actor that is good at the acrobatic was the someone, whether the choreographies where there is the street which it found out the personality and feature that member was someone and is denser were comprised and the Jal sinker explained the dancing more. ‘the newly rising military academy’ in which like this, the maiden performance actor and reenactment actor meets and which leads the encore performance together This Jin-gi participating as the reenactment actor told “even if the actors that are already together in the first performance Dajyeonot the sum total well and the new actors, including I joined, there was no any trouble and it thanked and was the honor” and made a boast of the teamwork of the actors. The musical ‘the newly rising military academy’ Angkor started the show last month from 27th and is connected in the kwanglim Art center BBCH hall until April 21st.
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