… it is IU X aftershock device this timeIs the hotel Dellu or Jamae Hong and performance continuous hits kept?


The Jamae Hong (the red feeling the red yeast rice the writer) comes back to the meterial which what kind of is and stingy this time. Till the woman doing the old fox, ancient novel Seoyugi, and ghost appearing in the legend the authoritative command Cooperate with the aftershock device which Jamae Hong borrowing the various elements of fantasy is the actor fatty every time and return to the new work. The hotel Dellu or people concerned revealed that casting was decided for the singer and actor IU (it is the one’s real name fatty) and aftershock device by formal report data as the drama star on 6th. The response that the performance was already guaranteed with the fact that it is the next product of not only the expecting to apperace actor list ejects the KBS2 ‘the Kkwaegeolchun incense’ MBC ‘the couple of the circularity’ SBS ‘the sun of the master group’ back majority blockbuster but also the drama writer Jamae Hong is the mainstream. The work which runs the hotel with the president who as in month, it is lofty while the elite hotelier gets to take care of the manager of the hotel Dellu in the fating case and is beautiful but fastidious and which it paints the drama the appearing special story IU is resentful among the pole as the president of hotel preparation month which commits a crime and draws and is tied to Delluna for the long time. The aftershock device undertook the hotelier globe approval role who is the sincere perfectionist preparing altogether to the compulsion, excessive love of cleanliness, obsession, and etc. The telecast came into the spotlight as the prologue bouncing chubbily of the drama ‘the Kkwaegeolchun incense’ sending up the Hahn, Han Chaeyeong who is the actor who is the god as the stardom without a break (2005) and development at that time and well-organized Jamae Hong made debut. After gaining recognition for the foundation tri the literary value, the majority blockbuster was left and ‘my girlfriend the old fox’ (19.9%) went up the big win as this year SBS ‘My girl’ (the highest ratings 24.0%) with MBC ‘the best love’ (21.0%) etc. up to ‘the star writer’ rank and once in 2006 in 2009 in 2010 in 2010 with MBC ‘the couple of the circularity’ (21.4%). All strings the eyes it have the correlation which ‘the sun of the master group’ and ‘the hotel Del lure’ which it ends in 2013 it gains the result called this middle highest ratings 21.8% is big The hotel story of the work in which the ghost stays and goes is comprised of 2013. It is due to be the initial project proposal of ‘the sun of the master group’ which Jakga Hong write. Really the attention leans to IU and aftershock device so far this time it guaranteed the performance Filmography of the stars that actor Hahn, Han Chaeyeong, Jaehee, leeseunggi, and Hyochin Kong Deung are endless if the successful report cards is drawn up.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747330.htm, 2019/03/06 18:00:02]