‘money’ which starts with the Ryujun heat and which it ends with the Ryujun heat (synthesis)


It seems to be really difficult to be ” money. Regard as very unique what looking like the idea and another idea which is same every the man. This work was worked on and the idea got much if there had to be the man on the money. It said in the media distribution trade show of the movie ‘money’ in which the Ryujun heat opens in the Jung-gu Mega-box Dongdaemun on 6th and press conference in this way. He undertook the new stocks broker sun in the morning string station which the richman would like to be among the pole. The sun in the morning string is the character who gets to meet the sin plan designer number ticket (the Yu Ji-tae) in the veil and gets to earn the fortune. The Ryujun heat explained “in the scenario, the sympathy was to figure that it is the sun in the morning string and how it expressed. It worried if how it had with the audience”. After that, he added “it was the good time giving as to my life to one that it is ‘ money ‘ with the various enlightenments to realize” “it had the mind that it will be good if I swinged the money rather than it was under control of the money”. The Ryujun row leads the movie from first to last. Appear 60 time round among 67 time round shooting almost. The person of changed constantly the work string was drawn in three dimensions and He was given a favorable reception in the trade show. The exaggeration is not even if it says as the handyman show. However, it is the hot rolling of the actors to support him such as making Yu Ji-tae and encounter, etc. The rust is well known for its own character every the actor but the degree of concentration of the movie is improved. Yu Ji-tae forms the tension of the movie into the intelligent mood of the heavy voice and peculiarity. Here, the encounter battle formation awakenned the atmosphere wittily became more and more. Yu Ji-tae undertook the role of villain in ‘money’ after the movie ‘the Saba Ha’. However, the grain draws the other villain and the different fun is inspired. He told “when working the movie, it is always based on the scenario, the Ttaragaryeo the effort on the writing which the toxin writes down and grain which the staff is trying to make in the place is concentrated”. After that, ” I am the resection acting good. However, when this feeling thought much whether it had the grain which the manager or production crew would like to draw, “***” of was played a role, in order to express to be more luxurious, it tried and added. In the current work, the encounter battle formation undertook Financial Supervisory Service chief prosecutor role. Previously, in last year, solder heartburnings movie ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’, continuously it got to meet with the audience for the job which undertook the financial department loan role and which it is related to the finance. The He “any kind of work and any kind of people was considered or the difference of was thought and it didn’t approach to the between” explained “to ask to one’s own side area Vice-Minister was the politician and one iron bar started as the sincere employee from ‘ money ‘”. The actors having the strong acting ability including not only these but also Jaeyeong Kim, Mansik Chung, circle eutherian, Kim Min ash, Chongsu Kim, and etc. made the movie abundantly. The money ‘ is the first Ipbong Jak of Nuri Park supervision. The latter half of the original novel was adapted and He built the other end. The coach Park “it made a film and surely the idea that it has to be promotion of virtue and reproval of vice was not done” revealed “while the friend living fiercely underwent a series of case, the appearance which grew much and which it is changed wanted to be shown” the planning intention. The money ‘ opens on the coming 20th. The length in seconds is 115 minutes. 15 years old watchables
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747345.htm, 2019/03/06 18:13:43]