‘resistance’ 1 million breakthrough immediate The first place of box office ‘crisis’


The movie ‘ resistance of Youkwansun meterial handled in the Korean movie world for the first time: The upward movement of which Youkwansun story ‘ is constant is displayed. The special interest of the audiences is more received as much as the meaningful movie man on the occasion of 3·1 note 100 anniversary and there is. However, by appearance of the surprise rival ‘the captain marble’, ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘6 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result at last 27th solder heartburnings it was faced with the crisis robbed of the first place of box office’ resistance: Youkwansun talk ‘ (the supervision Minhoh Cho) mobilized 35,152 audiences on 5th day and ranking 870,313 accumulated audience and maintained the first place of box office. In 899 theaters across the country, it is the result that it shows no. 3,788. However, the box office crustal movements was expected while ‘the captain marble’ opened on 6th. ‘the captain marble’ is overwhelming with 91.3% if the standard and booking rate are seen this day at 11 a.m. The advance purchase number of spectator is almost 449,265 people. On the other hand, ‘ resistance: As to youkwansun story ‘, the advance purchase number of spectator is 5,291 people with the booking rate 1.1%. It is the overwhelming tea. Resistance: As to youkwansun story ‘, the Mat child fell well as much as the movie man has been take aim with 3·1 note as for season. It was the low budget movie, the actor orphan sexual received Youkwansun the Geuryeo in the favorable comment against well. The many audiences were captivated to ring. However, the box office mood seems to be reversed immediately while ‘the captain marble’ appears. Because the South Korean viewer showing the interest which is high in the marble kinematic model universe work as much as it is called as ‘the marble republic’ are the great interest on ‘the captain marble’ the steps. Resistance: As to youkwansun story ‘, the fighter for independence included the shout toward the freedom of 17 girl Youkwansun and Sodaemun jail 8 room women who is the man usually previously.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747272.htm, 2019/03/06 11:15:56]