The actor Kim gloss seat first directed by and ‘minority’ 4 month the unsealing decision


4 month premieres which the movie ‘minority’, that is the first directed bies of the actor Kim gloss seat, comes were set in concrete. The distributor Show Box revealed on 6th, “the movie ‘ minority ‘ of Kim gloss seat starring which Chunga Yum Sochin Kim Gimhyejun foil becomes strong opens April” and opened the character steel. ‘minority’ is the movie drawn the story of 2 families facing the case like the storm shaking the calm everyday. Chunga Yum undertook the wife Yeong-Ju role of the staff (kim gloss silicon dioxide flower) among the pole. The looks which the effort wrote down if the daughter leg-screw (gimhyejun) was hurt, it pretends to make the wall in spite of know the work entangled in the member for the revealed steel was contained. Sochin Kim manages the duck store and the Beauty role bringing up the daughter and Yoona (the person who the foil becomes strong) alone is undertaken and the surface is strong but the center shows the soft inward dramatics. In the revealed character steel, his expression arouses his answering brightly towards someone expression curiosity 500: the steel on the rookie actor Gimhyejun boring 1 competitive rate and Park Se battle formation was together revealed. The gets angry with the Gimhyejun of the surprised expression aspects of Sechin Park arouses the aspects of Sechin Park curiosity in the movie center story. The movie ‘minority’ is the first directed bies of the actor Kim gloss seat. Kim gloss seat playing an active part in this work as the director and actor undertakes the person concerned staff role providing the cause for this all confusions among the pole and is planning to captivate the audience with the new looks. Meantime, ‘minority’ opens April and the date is the undecided.
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