‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts agency’ big hit entertainment and Seokjun Yoon cavity representative director election


Seokchin Yoon joint executive director was elected as the Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts and tomorrow bi together (TXT) agency big hit entertainment. The big hit entertainment (under big hit) announced to hold the regular board of directors on 5th and appoint the whole CBO (business generalization) given the gloss seat as the joint executive director. The whole business division that Seahyeok Bang representative Yoon representative includes the production division of the big hit the global business, visual content and IP (intellectual property right), platform business, and etc. in this cavity representative director election gets to be generalized. This people are the purpose that it will separate the contents manufacture and business 2 area and will strengthen each professionalism and competitiveness as the big hit will grow drastically according to the agency. Yoon representative was accepted as the strategy planning executive director of the big hit in 2010 and it passed widely the entire region including the contents manufacture and organization management, business management, and etc. Be evaluated the idea and innovative result which is abundant by the business sense with ‘the breathing the leading role’ of the accomplished big hit growth so far. Yoon representative has been take the lead in the contents excavation and platform construction from the big hit joining immediately after predicted importance of the music streaming and visual content and built the visual content professional team with the future of the idol industry and made the remarkable result. ‘the beat contents’ selected as the secret of popularity of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was born in his hand today. It concentrated in expanding the business as since 2015 business head of planning office in which the bulletproof Boy Scouts begins to cause the real result and making in higher level. And the global partnership and network was strengthened since 2017 and it devoted all energy to the long-dated providing more opportunities including the IP business of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and world tour, and etc. The big hit revealed, saying that it was “the people who it doesn’t give up the effort making the best contents, Seokjun Yoon representative director has been challenging drastically the new zone” this to be “one which strengthens by field professionalism through this cavity representative director election and it meets the expectancy of the fans, has been developing the international competitive power”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747254.htm, 2019/03/06 09:28:54]