… ‘the burger girl’ came backThe taste ‘the Mira Yang ♥ Jeongsinuk’ off the wall liveliness great couple ‘ of the wife


The actor Mira Yang who is famous for ‘the burger girl’ met the audience in the husband Jeongsinuk and ‘the taste of the wife’. In TV CHOSUN variety program ‘the taste of the wife without the world’ (the taste ‘ of under ‘ wife) broadcasted at last fifth at 10 o’clock p.m, it was the appeared rice for the first time and the new marriage every day of the Jeongsinuk couple was contained. This day 2 man showed the comfortable relation which the marriage 4 month car is hard with the love after 4 years on the other hands, it showed off the fascination with the aspect which the appetite is good. It was the rice sallying at the program for the first time and the Jeongsinuk couple appeared with the subtitles produces the pictorial whenever there was Seo called ‘the visual couple’ and the cheer of the panels was caused. Even when the husband Jeongsinuk of the warm appearance bickered as the former model wife Mira Yang and actor, the new marriage every day achieving the affection of was made a boast. After that, the bun 2 bag was sent from the morning and the bun soup was cooked and it was ‘the couple (upper part) is sweet’ nap dirty. As soon as the husband Jeongsinuk occurred in the morning, it spoke in ‘maoning people’ to Mira Yang “give the breakfast” and opened the taste active of the couple to ‘great one meal preparation’ called rice starting the breakfast for the husband. The nickname called ‘the burger girl’ been without a break gotten with the hamburger CF after debutting previously as the certain blue jean company model contest into the entertainment world of the rice in 1997. It appeared after KBS ‘the life is beautiful’ and KBS ‘pretty you’ SBS ‘3 sisters’ the etc. drama and was active as the actor. ㅇ raised the love the wedding ceremony of the businessman Jeongsinuk of 2 years old associative memories and blessing at October last year on 17th in 4 finally. Meantime, the program is broadcasted every Tuesday at 10 o’clock p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747266.htm, 2019/03/06 10:55:43]