“the record footprints beginning”… tomorrow bi together and ‘warmly’ from the debut album


The big hit entertainment new group tomorrow bi together got the hot interest in the overseas and the appearance of ‘the global super rookie’ was informed before. The tomorrow bi together agency revealed in formal report data “the tomorrow bi together causes simultaneously the explosive response in the global music chart and trend and YouTube hit back with the debut and it is getting the attention in U.S.A and Great Britain and Canadian spot medium” on 6th. The chapter of the hope: The horn grew in the hair one day with STAR ‘title song’ (CROWN) and the music video went up the opening to the public to YouTube trending image immediately and 10 million views through were broken in 13 hours. And while being the god which was over 14.49 million views in 24 hours and makes debut this year, the shortest time new record was set. Exceptionally the first for was accounted in the debut first day Japan YouTube trending and Japan line music. The album of the tomorrow bi together and music video was introduced in detail and American Billboard and MTV told “the horn grew in the hair, it will be the start which is good for the tomorrow bi together one day and the record course of the bulletproof Boy Scouts is already followed in the album advance order, and etc”. American E In the area more than 40 whole worlds the Online and Canada Entertainment Tonight went up the Korea Boy group as “the love which is most a lot among the k pop debut song music video was gotten and the tomorrow bi together appearing in the k pop as the new blast renewed the new group previous record altogether” ” debut album to the first place of USA iTunes album chart primallyThe first place of Seo was occupied and the debut first day performance was illuminated. The British Broadcasting Corporation was explained in addition to “in British album chart, continuously the tomorrow bi together is maintaining the third” “when the debut song formed the record which YouTube hit 6 million view is over in 7 hours”. The chapter of the tomorrow bi together the debut album ‘ hope: Launch the real activity by STAR’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747304.htm, 2019/03/06 15:57:59]