‘the Saba Ha’ this man of talent “the tonsure and I proposed directly”


Jul acted well was known, the word is done well. Any kind of question is Cheok if it pretends to. It is about which does the word well than the passable adult and in which it is startled all of a sudden. He having the reverse fascination which it becomes hidden after ‘the face where there is the story’ which it tells generally is the actor this man of talent (15) rising suddenly as the Chung-mu road’s new jewelry recently. It was the Jongno in Seoul on the 27th of last month and the Ppalpandong one cafe met this man of talent appearing on the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang). The short cut was done. The Boy time interval charisma the looks wearing the yellow shirt was fully given off. There was no aspects of gold coin calm of the long straight hair shown in the movie. The sound that it is the face where there is the story was much held up and originally the personality tends to be bright. Like exercising one. Like one played the soccer. It had hair cut when putting ‘the Saba Ha’. Because at that time, the wig wrote down and the soccer was played, it was exorbitantly difficult. Ha-ha. It was the unexpected story. In ‘the Saba Ha’, this man of talent took care of 2 roles by 1 person till the suspicious existence ‘that’, that is not only gold coin role but also the twin sister, and acted. As to within a drama ‘that’, there was no eyebrow in the person without office and this man of talent installed the whole-hearted playing with symbolic shaving of hair for the character. It shouted to could have hair cut since watching the audition. It worried much but was scary than the thought or was not sad. Rather, it shaved head directly. It thought that I had to send. Because the experience which lives and which it can try much is not, it says cut to already cut. It worried when shaving the eyebrow. It grows soon and the look doesn’t appear particularly. Ha-ha. The puberty days and time this man of talent to be sensitive to the relish at the height of was bold. There was no repentance. It thought that He should do willingly still in the role. The gold coin and ‘that’ is the character who is not ever easy in ‘the Saba Ha’ in fact. The place of which the movie itself was difficult, there was a lot of the difficult part because the character who is in the situation where the character is general was not. The explanation of that this man of talent was interesting and is abstract Jaehyun Jang director said be helpful. The director was the directing humorous. ‘the now isn’t gold coin this feeling?’ the emoticon is shown the chatting application is turned onIt explained with the method. The feeling could be well thanks to this derived. It praised much and was supported and did eagerly. It was the elementary school 6 grade time that this man of talent gets the scenario of ‘the Saba Ha’. It was not easy to accept the scenario at the young age completely. However, this man of talent told that point of the gold coin got to be set and it gets to understand immediately. It first focused on the feeling which the gold coin has to the twin sister ‘that’ and mind feeling at the gold coin age, resentment for the god, and etc. confused. My religion has conducted on existence thought in the Christian part. The point was set on that direction. The feeling came little because of listening to the explanation of the supervisor. Unconditionally asked that it doesn’t understand. But this man of talent was seeing the looks having the talk toward the character the passable veteran actor was no less. Entirely it was felt to understand well and play a role of the character. He had many interest and affections about being the throughout the movie. As to realize, this man of talent, there is a lot of concern in the directing for film. The genre is usually disregarded and it likes to watch the movie. The acting of the actors is guessed and it thinks at this angle of camera as ‘they have to act in this way’. The story is seen and the direction, that is the direction, of is thought. The actor would like to install but there is the idea which would like to challenge the director. If not only acting various but alsoes parts is attentively seen, even when acting, the width which I can install widens. When the peer friends came and go the school and school at the height of and the entering school and on route about were worried, this man of talent was developing the dream about the movie. Unlike the friends, if it has no problem but there is no stress about the studying, it is the lie. Because of going side by side the smoke and study, it is afraid that one side is negligent. Anyhow, in order to the studying of is thought to be the year and not miss, it tries. The score has the Nawa line only arbitrarily not. Ha-ha. The most difficult subject is rightly the math. There is a lot of the application. Neverthless, because there is no thing in which on path will shake, it has no problem. Recently, go around all every days to the center of ‘the Saba Ha’. SNS (the social network service) was started from the end of last month and that got to make for the film promotion. Presently, wonju is left for some time and it lives alone in Seoul but is this man of talent that ‘the Saba Ha’ is going well and it is still happy. It tended to be not to do well and originally SNS installed the idea that it would like to be of service to the publicity. Then, SNS was started. I may not be even a bit helpful. Recently, the.man will get through ‘the Saba Ha’ in the Portal site, the color is done and it searches. The man reaction is how, whether it looks how it accepts and every the man. Recently, the day after day is spent during. (Smile) ” this man of talent is the new actor like the jewelry excavated in ‘ Saba Ha ‘. The word of mouth is widely spread putting his performance ability in the cinema world. That interest feels uncomfortable. It will be awkward and this man of talent is still serene. I have been learning continuously just. It would like to advance like that. The process where it meets the other many role and experiences and has been studying is of service to my acting. It is to develop me. It would like to become the actor trying always.
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