With Kim Jung-Hoon and ‘liar’ in ‘mother’s friend’s son’


“1 week was met and the baby appears and that one is not.”The existence of the girlfriend and that was all of a sudden uncovered to the singer and actor Kim Jung-Hoon who appeared on TV shipbuilding love reality program ‘the taste of the love’ and was chasing the popularity at the height of that there was the pregnant girlfriend. In relation with Kim Jung-Hoon who the counsel of the relevant women installs the broadcasting interview and the attention of the men is leaning, while the sensation is rising after insisting that Kim Jung-Hoon realized the pregnancy and it persuaded of the abortion the whole girlfriend and conflict emerges in SBS ‘seriously, the entertainment midnight’ broadcasted with 5 with the day afternoon and furthermore the former this women is hiring the controversy recentlyOne news was handled. The face a lawsuit suffers Kim Jung-Hoon by the girlfriend A lessening the yarn ear on the 26th of last month. When It became Kim Jung-Hoon according to claim of Mr.A to know the fact that A is being pregnant at that time, then the reduction surgery was recommended and it promised to find the house. However, while the lease security money was not given, the contact was interrupted. In conclusion, it is the condition where it lodges the agreed amount requested lawsuit to Seoul Central Court. The agency of Kim Jung-Hoon is the situation where ” Kim Jung-Hoon feels confused very in relation with this. It had trouble much, the families took and it was proceeding and had to watch in the company and “***” lawsuit spared words. All Kkeureot the attention the counsel of A Ssi tells the position in this day broadcasting There is a lot of what has to be said and ” we, as to data are holding the counsel of A Ssi much. It met shortly and was separated and there was no number which was pregnant and demands the money as the curse, it insisted. All Kkeureot the attention it discloses at the time when especially it will appear in ‘the taste of the love’ Mr.A and Kim Jung-Hoon was the sweetheartAs to of the love of “the time when it met with Kim Jung-Hoon cannot help coinciding with the taste ‘ appearance on the stage time of ‘ love” 2 people the counsel of Mr.A is not short. 1 week was met and the child didn’t appear and it added. And “A Ssi is taking good care of one’s health now. It didn’t go wrong. The child was planning to be delivered and it added. Kim Jung-Hoon falling by the moment to ‘liar’ which finds the partner who falls in love the reality love program appears movie from Seoul National University dental school native ‘mother’s friend’s son’ it persuades the girlfriend of the reduction surgery While the court debate is planning to continue for a while, eyes falls if the image recovery of Kim Jung-Hoon can be possible.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747265.htm, 2019/03/06 10:33:06]