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“it deeply will regretting and will reflect more in the future.”Only it is one month all. Shoe said 800 million won gamblings in the second trial which is held by one charge on the 7th of last month in this way. However, the word that it is ‘reflection’ which it emphasizes in the court the vacation photograph which He uploads was made ashamedly. Shoe published 2 photographs in its own SNS (the society relationship network service) on 5th. The aspects of shoe spending the pleasant time in the children and abroad assumed resort was included in the revealed photo. The netizen is watching his photo and it is intelligent, it is being continued. It has due to appearance which He exercising self-discipline is enjoying the overseas travel. After that, shoe converted SNS account to the non-disclosure immediately. The close staff of shoe spoke to Osen “the photograph seemed to be uploaded with the meaning leaving the memory with the children. One’s action the person was thoughtless. It is reflecting going wrong” on 6th. After that, if it comes back to Korea to ” this (in relation with the case of gambling), there is the plan to make the official apple or seat explaining. The story was decided to divide and added sooner or later. The voice of the criticism is continuing in the rumbling of sea of shoe close staff. Is it one which it would like to be “the photo travel it is Rullural the probation against is hit the fairy arouses criticism with the gambling at one time” (drbl****) “it will be trying to buy silently even by means of being shameful” (ajle****) “the life is unable to be not reflection tube type and it is unable to dry” (rfig****) ” insulted? There is no any idea, it is the response of ” (skys****) back. East Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office criminal case 11 single Cheolhan Yang head judge sentenced the imprisonment of 6 months to the probation year 2 upon shoe charged with the hundreds of million won gambling trip charge on the 18th of last month. 80 hours of community service was ordered. While ” defendant acted for the famous men whom the people knows well mostly, as to court, the cost grew bigger that it gambled and the times became frequent over the time. It did that worthiness of heavy penalty was considerable. Shoe spoke as the pronouncement immediately after “it could break away from the cienaga of the gambling through the bee and social scolding which the presiding judge gets off”. After that, it seems to be suitable to get the given sconce. It will perform faithfully, the appeal plan revealed the none. As to shoe, as to of the day was so really long prior to this in the second trial final statement for ” several month. It felt because of the mistake to be once again many and “***” deeply will be regretted and it will reflect more in the future. The sconce which the presiding judge awards decide to be significantly gotten. It aroused criticism and was truly sorry and apologized again. However, the netizen is expressing the question to his attitude to his published in one month photo travel. Meantime, while shoe for, the fact that it doesn’t repay was clarified in Seoul’s one hotel casino at June last year after borrowing 350 million won, 250 million won from 2 people, his fraudulent gambling fact was known to the world. The prosecution presented the evidence in the first court hearing on the 24th of last month because shoe gambled over 26 times at August last year from 6th. Shoe acknowledged the arraignment fact altogether.
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