Change into ‘secret’ class multiplier and lifeguard in the aviation. The damage caused hail battle formation · Boa Cho and breathing


The actor Ryu multiplier changes into the veteran aviation lifeguard. The agency SidusHQ revealed on 7th, “class multiplier joined in the drama ‘ secret ‘ (the script this hachures, direction five categories rock, and Gaze)”. The secret ‘ is the work drawn the content that he flocks into the space that it is the forest and has been healing the hurt of the feeling wearing the memory which each is not happy and the characters having the realistic desire realize the nature of the hapiness. Class multiplier undertakes the role for aviation rescue unit head signal fire post of the indisposition 119 the special rescue team among the pole and is planning to accomplish the indispensable role with the smoke achieving the peculiar mounting severely. The solder alternative is the chief who saves Satteulhi against but, takes care of the task and, leaves my team members in the center drastically and has to be cold. The Chemie with 119 the special structure staff Gangsanhyeok (the stingy person) looks forward. At the moment when doing in the TvN ‘it is the same as the drama stage 2,019- and is trifling and is beautiful’ due to the debt in last January, class multiplier appeared as the pension owner condition station setting beyond the hell and showed from the looks which was funny and which the Jjan in appears till the mature looks stroking the hurt of the others. The drama ‘secret’ which class multiplier appears is broadcasted in the second half of this year.
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