– Eunoak Park danced ‘the great master of Korean popular music’ stationariness which the debut is right in the 40th anniversary


While the commemoration press conference is held in the Jung-gu Chungmu Art center in the 40th anniversary in the morning on 7th with the debut of Eunoak Park, it dances the singer stationariness the Eunoak Park (left) and Jeongtaechun are striking a pose. It debutted as the year 1,978 and the back was announced for 40 years and the Jeongtaechun and Eunoak Park who is the couple caused the big effect to Korean popular music. Particularly, the Bihapbeop record, and etc. was brought out and the record dictionary deliberative system fought for the abolition in the first in South Korea in order to keep the popular music freedom of expression. These debuts in the 40th anniversary is commemorated. It was launched on 31st promotion committee launching ceremony that ‘eunoak Park 40 project danced the stationariness’ is over in order to take a view of the music personnal of the singer activity and social meaning in 40 and the cultural art world people of the dozen genre including the music, art, movie, and etc. take part simultaneously. Until November tour of the country concert which this project comes from this month and record, publishing, display, science, archive, tribute program, and etc. progresses through the whole country.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747388.htm, 2019/03/07 12:15:28]