For this starring and ‘impoliteness’ and ‘intimacy’


“the brother and conversation are tedious.”Do ‘when front and back are different’ putting the several stars in which the look is changed if the camera goes back. The actors that it acts so that the girl group which laughs brightly if the consistently is expressionless and it aims the camera is frozen, it can be cold and ask how is to the co-worker suddenly are representative. If it thinks silently, it is these making ‘celebrity’ the job. So, ‘the appearance which front and back are different’ can be said to be the evidence to the contrary which is faithful to its own occupation in some ways. But it is not faithful to the one’s position that it is the entertainer and recently, there is the talked star in spite of the concept that it is the variety program with the dangerous talk which is not joyful at all until the toughness. It is the girl group After School appears on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ and there is being adverse criticism from this starring. All Badat ‘it is impolite’ to the broadcasting attitude which this starring appears on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 6th and is loose and viewer who is abundant by inappropriate words and deeds the indicationIn this day broadcast, this starring didn’t concentrate on the talk of the actor Jaerim Song appearing together at all. Besides, the looks doing the middle in which Jaerim Song keeps the talk and guest in side and other talk was caught on camera as it is. The Koora Kim “what kind of talk are you having?” that it is poorerAsked. However, it answered this starring “it is dry”. All Geonnet the water it is “hold up the water” Jaerim Song whom in conclusion it is stuck at the middle is embarrassing After that, jaerim Song at was vacantly looked and this starring indicated the subject of the talk which Jaerim Song installed previously “the talking about brother is tedious”. Impolite words and deeds of this starring continued after. One which it snorts and produces to be in confusion to be in confusion to be in confusion He when the period when the Gwak dong kite appearing together meets the girlfriend among the talk the most long speaks as 90 days. This starring apologized far later, “it feels sorry”. However, the reaction that moreover the audience was uncomfortable and it was embarrassing is the mainstream. Besides, “the talk show is the first time and the fear appears and strange one is not much questioned” “it doesn’t talk much” ” opened “the talk show is the first time and the fear appears and strange one is not much questioned” “it doesn’t talk much” ” eyes in the taste for drink last year. So, it drank nearly everyday, it frowned at the back broadcast and horse which is not suitable. It is the law in which one word ‘ difference inspires the smile to the relative and which gives to be unpleasant. If it was the variety program which it appears like his word after long interval, if the talk show was the first time and it was that fear appears, it had to make a comment more advisedly. It is the part which the sense of frustration that it had to listen to the different this end, it had to consider the appearing guest remains. It is due to be the part in which it has to be the most careful of ‘the This comedy’ that it points out the opponent and induces the smile and it be the most sensitive. If it appeared on TV variety program ‘radio star’ as the entertainer guest, the talk has to be kept to be suitable for in-situ. Because the position in which the position which this starring is stepping on the shot concentrated energy the soju and which shakes the familiar colleagues and chatter was not, it is the word.
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