“it is Paparazzi. It is the spirit. “.’The big issue ‘·’ glazing ‘the, exception meterial’ attention ‘


The meterial which it is not if the Hanyeseul and Koh Junhui was ordinary from the start was held up and it came to the tree pole TV. The concept that it is ‘paparazzi’ and ‘spirit’ was borrowed and the first show after comebacks of 2 actors that went through the interregnum of about 1~2 a year and come back put the dozen works and differencing. In the SBS TV show ‘big issue’ broadcasted at last sixth afternoon, the Hanyeseul and earth report people appears and urgent ‘paparazzi war period’ is spread. All Damat the story which the managing editor who the former photojournalist falling to the hell to the photograph of the leaf and notoriety bringing him into Paparazzi is high spreads the work and which is secret and which is intenseHanyeseul is planning to improve the degree of concentration with the charisma which the disintegration is peculiar as the managing editor index number string of the entertainment scandal report media Sunday communication which the best in the country notoriety is high among the pole. The man of power hiding of the media which the index number string brings one stone pillar (chinmao Choo) falling from the former photojournalist to the moment hell to the information power and excel person with capability person finding out the personal connections with the special kind into Paparazzi world againIt appeared on ‘the couple of the circularity’ ‘the birth of the beauty woman’ ’20 century boys and girls’ back majority romantic comedy drama so far and the Hanyeseul hit by this year on the car with the debut in 18 had been being the nap of the heroine that was lively and loveable the steps. The art in which the Hanyeseul selecting ‘LOCO’ as the first show after comeback about 2 years breaks the expectation and which it selects the cathode ‘big issue’ It gets attention if the new character which the work content He shows is holding any kind of fascination. Koh Junhui and Saebyeok Song ins charge of the starring and OCN drama ‘glazing’ conveys the smile and thrill to TV. The drama is the soul chase thriller following the wicked soul in which your esteemed younger sister Suhchung Hong (the Koh Junhui) having the badness detective Philsung Kang of which the zero is clear (saebyeok Song) and strong spiritual strength does the glazing in the body of the man and which commits the crime. Koh Junhui was born the strong spiritual tendency during the pole but it is resentful as Suhchung Hong who struggles in order to hide this ability and live. In order to hide the special ability, He who could not help hiring lonely in order to live the common life is become fond to the achievement by aid having the spiritual strength like me. The story starts. As to Koh Junhui, the number which it is like this debut selected ‘glazing’ as the first genre water which didn’t make a challenge. The eyes is if really the bold change in acting style of Koh Junhui who comes and goes the drama ‘she was beautiful’ ‘untouchable’ movie ‘my close friend rogues’ etc. Braun tube and screen so far and has been engaging the performance activity and electric conduction can be rewarded with the high audience rating. As to the big issue ‘with’ glazing ‘, the number and ten o’clocks of thursday afternoon are broadcasted at 11 o’clock.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747403.htm, 2019/03/07 20:09:16]