Root for Baekkyong Song and idol → the boss → the dubbing artist… the life 3 the act.


One life is lived and no. 3 experiencing or the man becomes the job of the other type of occupation about the several at all. That is the idol of the best of the day, curry restaurant president, and 0 house dubbing artists. It is the story of most skilled Baekkyong Song from the public with the one-time. Baekkyong Song wrote on its own Instagram with the photograph shot 2,019 year KBS transference dubbing artist, 0 house test identification slip in the afternoon on 6th. The news that it passed KBS transference dubbing artist bond was included in the writing which Baekkyong Song uploads. As to the He “it was the mind only which was not afraid and excited when making a challenge or starting what at the young days which 20 shot bloods boiled”, however the fear seemed to come before the anticipation as this challenge. My age 41 for is lived. For learning what and challenging, the state of mind which it was clear because of being the age which doesn’t write and is honest was revealed. After that, “then, it could have the mind that It will become the dubbing artist and challenge and the valuable result that it is KBS dubbing artist passing examination be gotten” the success in an examination of were given. Baekkyong Song expected lastly, the future of “20 for is lived as the singer and the thirties for is lived as the peddler and it can return again to 40 by the public art world and is so happy” ‘the dubbing artist Baekkyong Song’. He caught the best spotlight for the musician and as to meaningful reason, the challenge of Baekkyong Song, as to had laid this all ones down more. The tune was made into Maine producer from 1 familly directly and He debutting as 1 album ‘1TYM’ into the world of singers climbed the stage in 1998. The Hi which the evaluation that the music which the trendy of Baekkyong Song installs pulled the huge popularity between the teenagers at that time and it did the contribution which is big in the popularization of the hip-hop was produced from the Banneun everyone.3 album along with teddy who is the representative producer of YG entertainment and is a great many when the melody unique of teddy is in harmony in the primary object of Baekkyong Song reading the public acceptance well. The Tteu tune was born. ‘HOT Tteugeo’ and ”Without You’ which 2 people produces thanks to this use to be still well-known to the hip-hop fan. However all groups are like that, as if the one-time is prepared to end the moment of the honor. All Georeot its own way the one-time got to step naturally on the dissolution sequenceIf one star retires from the entertainment world activity from the childhood, it is in agony while old glory is unable to be mostly forgotten or it is dull in the economic part and endures hardship in the adaptation. And in conclusion, the work coming back to the entertainment world is of frequent occurrence. However, baekkyong Song adapted to the second opinion worker immediately. One changing completely into ‘the curry restaurant president’ It is the reason untill now to be that curry restaurant is run and the stable import is raised. Its own name was set up and the store which was big and splendid was opened and the stars declaring the closure were in the fast seal. However, it opened the small store and as to Baekkyong Song, the Neol tongue went little by little to the size. The fame was lightly taken with the opening part ‘the curry restaurant of the one-time Baekkyong Song’. However, ‘the one-time Baekkyong Song’ was forgotten to the public immediately when concentrating on the business. The line which it dreamed of the dubbing artist and that is right He was preparing carefullyIt is the reason why it can return again to 40 by the public art world and is so happy, his end approaches to be heavier on stomach. His coming back again voice is expected. Root hotly for three acts of life of the Baekkyong Song.
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