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The change in which the actor Ryu next is fresh was attempted. He who added along with the existing vivid micro till the image the charisma overflowing and is at the front of public notified fresh start in advance with the appearance which 180 degree is changed. The agency Sidus HQ opened the new profile of on 7th morning Ryu next time. The sedate appearance which it could not discover so far the photo which this day is revealed was together put with the existing image which was soft and cheerful. Cause the strong mood of the peculiar including the revealed photo dynamic current comfortable micro and fascination and the thought seems to be locked intelligent not only feel clear but also ear eye mouth and nose familiar. It is the different face which it could not find for class next so far. Many possibilities of his having various ‘trouble’s profile are gotten sense. This the formal profile shooting of class next is the first time according to the agency. Class next revealed trying figure for this shooting such as doing the weight loss, etc. The on-site officials added “the shooting opening part of was a bit felt ashamed. However, figure which it stood in front of camera in figure the professional Dap as it repeated the photographing and maximizes one’s advantage captivated the attention” high and expected the future of class next more. Class next finishes the SidusHQ and exclusive contract and notifies active activity in advance and presently, is laboring over the next product selection.
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