‘the comedian → actor’ class next and profile photo opening to the public…’The with a great puff changed appearance ‘


All strings the eyes with the appearance which the actor from comedian Ryu next is definitely.sharply changed with the beforeClass next agency SidusHQ opened the new profile photo of class next to formal report data on 7th. Class next shows the opposite poles charisma by the cheerful not only the existing image sedate but also appearance in the refreshingly revealed profile photo. The revealed photo dynamic current next is bright with the vivid micro and makes a boast of the familiar appeal. The different face which it could not see so far is shown such as causing not only intelligent feel bad but also fourth matching the villain as if the jaw is and supported and it is buried in thought, etc. Class next in which the formal profile shooting was the beginning installed the weight loss according to the agency at that time and it appeared in the place with the more and more agile looks. Class next struck a pose unlike the shooting opening part the tension was full blushingly through ‘professional’ (technical) one appearance freely. Class next finishes the SidusHQ and exclusive contract recently and notifies active activity in advance and presently, is laboring over the next product selection.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747408.htm, 2019/03/07 17:03:09]