“the end it misses” ‘idol’ which Lee Su-jin director tells (image)


“it was not easy work.”(Han Suk-kyu) “the understanding will be unable to install well the man that it is the Chinese dish at first time.”(Kyongkoo Seol) “the idea that it came across the character called softening and is afraid got.”(Cheonuhui) it was quiet and the media pear suddenness social atmosphere of the movie ‘idol’ which is held in the Yongsan gu CGV Yongsan child Park mall was heavy on 7th. When the movie about 143 minutes ended, then the question mark came up to many these faces. The question about the movie thing came and went than this what kind of work much. detail. As to Lee Su-jin director, ” audiences have to think constantly. There was the part which is difficult to follow in the moment missed it, it admitted. The Lee, Yi Gamdok explained on meter “the case of which was big and in which it is small the Korean society and that accidents take place and one was seen so far it worried also where this start was and it got to make” which gets to make ‘idol’. The Lee, Yi Gamdok “it means of dictionary and the title that it is ‘ idol ‘ is not different” explained. After that, he told “if when blindly the dream or belief which one person would like to accomplish gets to be changed, that, moreover, one icon doesn’t come to the icon of this film which I think but it wants”. It opened heart that it was not easy to also the actors act. Han Suk-kyu undertook the provincial member clemency time role in which the respect and prestige is close as much as it was discussed in the kick provincial governor candidate. However, it gets to be at the end of ropes while the son is implicated in the traffic accident. It was difficult to produce the proper character who as to Han Suk-kyu, as to of “the stress that it has to produce the lively person weighed down on me” ” tone was not high and who is not so low. It checked continuously and worked and told. Kyongkoo Seol was not character’s choice that it is in oil type the understanding, not, all Dwaet” the easy character. The initial point of the Chinese dish started from Jeolchung Choi of the feeling and it explained. After that, he, as to the feeling of ” in oil type didn’t have introduction development turn and conclusion, but because of being the lain feeling, it was not easy. It was many works feeling to be insufficient and opened heart. The second opinion work got to be shared after the Lee, Yi Gamdok ‘one Kongju’ which the long-horned beetle is white but ‘idol’ was not ever easy to him. He brought up “it was the work feeling the limit by oneself much” the word. After that, it revealed frankly “it thought maybe that there was the number which tried much the character which was so far strong and is Se and is well swallowed up”. It was not easy to maintain the Ryeon which the long-horned beetle is white person for 6 months. As the shooting was lengthened, it faced much the situations where it is difficult in the shooting. The mind control was not easy and it did. Like this, also the actors understood the character. It was not easy to grasp this intention and act. But the outcome was good as much as it was difficult. 69. the value of work for was gained recognition while the formal was invited to Berlin international film festival panorama section. However, it is uncertain if it passes with the South Korean viewer. It is the new work of Lee Su-jin director performing the idol ‘***’ one Kongju ‘. The Darwot the story about the cruel truth which blindly they would like to keep the movie the crisis of the political life worst due to the accident of the son until the man clemency sashimi gets to be right (the Han Suk-kyu), the father in oil equation (kyongkoo Seol) which follows the truth the son like the life dies and woman Choi Ryeon (cheonuhui) which disappears it keeps the day of the accident secretAll. Open on 20th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747439.htm, 2019/03/07 20:07:59]