The Han Suk-kyu-Cheonuhui-Kyongkoo Seol and ‘in believe 3 actors the same place’


While it is the Yongsan gu CGV Aippakkeu mall soaked in the afternoon on 7th, the movie ‘idol’ press preview opens, the actor Han Suk-kyu and Cheonuhui and Kyongkoo Seol (from the left) are taking the photo time. The story about the cruel truth in which blindly as to ‘idol’, they would like to keep the crisis of the political life worst due to the accident of the son until the man clemency sashimi gets to be right (the Han Suk-kyu), the father in oil equation (kyongkoo Seol) which follows the truth the son like the life dies and woman Choi Ryeon (cheonuhui) which disappears it keeps the day of the accident secret It is released as the put thriller movie on 20th.
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