The Sinhye line X germ precious stone X Hu jun Ho ‘purity’ and crank up “the work like the jewelry”


The movie ‘purity’ which the actor Sinhye line and germ precious stone Hu jun moat appears finished the shooting between 3 month. The distributor cine crop beanpole person NT finished the shooting between 3 month on the 28th of last month and 7 days “‘ purity ‘ completed, he revealed. All Geuryeot the hidden plot of the daughter ortho phosphorous which the mother (the germ precious stone) which ‘purity’ is hung on the dementia and is unable to recognize the people are pointed out as the poison murder suspect, then, then starts the defense directly in order to order to prove the innocence of the mother. (the Sinhye line) the case and story which it digs up the truthIn the current movie, the Sinhye line undertook the role, that is the law firm ace lawyer feeling of Seoul District Court ex-judge. The daughter who starts the defense directly in order to prove the innocence of the mother who It becomes the murder suspect of is played a role and He is planning to show the delicate emotion performance. The Sinhye line finishing the shooting was nearly shot with 3 for the month everyday and the hour seems to flow really quickly. It engaged really eagerly in the shooting and if the second ring which is many in the audience can be conveyed, it will be good, it told. The germ precious stone undertook the suspect speaker role of the murder case which is suffering from the dementia when being the mother of ortho phosphorous. The Hu jun Ho appears as the character who undertakes Seajang Choo station stopping at the center of the huge power which surrounds the village when being the victim of the murder case and holds the height of the case. Here, the actors including the thin iron civilians, Tae port Ho, Hong Gyeong-in, and etc. have together and the work is more abundantly made. As to the germ precious stone, while the actor and staff was united and shot passionate, it sends, the regretful idea gets much. It wonders if how it was printed and is expected. The good work was likely to be born and it did. And the Hu jun Ho raised the expectation for “the work like the jewelry seems to be met on the innumerable work” the movie. The purity ‘as much as ” everyone will be mutual understanding, in order to will complete with the most of all good work, the producing Park Sang-hyun director will run out the best to the end and ” told.’The purity ‘ is planning to visit the audience through the work of the latter half.
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