The starting which ‘big issue’ and 4.6% are the pity The first place of tree pole is possible.


One SBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘big issue’ (the script Janghyeongnin and direction movement Korean translation of Chinese character) took Paparazzi off the veil with the meterial. It expected maybe to get the influence that doesn’t also write with as ‘big issue’ it gets off the previous work ‘the grace of Empress’ blocks luxuriously. However, a bit regretful departure was informed through two Wi of in the same time. Presently, the interest was concentrated if the KBS2 ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ could be defeated and the first of can be taken care, one broadcasted at last sixth for the first time of ‘big issue’ and 2 times 4.1% and 4.8% was recorded according to 7 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea. As to the KBS2 drama ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ which in the same time is broadcasted, while did you record 15.2% and 18.1%, MBC drama ‘the spring comes’ recorded 2.9% and 3.3%, ‘big issue’ occupied two Wi of in the same time? Until the time ‘big issue’ to see the audience rating transition finds ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ recording the audience rating 20% last month, it seems to take the hour a bit. The audiences seeing ‘big issue’ first broadcasting are due to have a lot of the evaluation that “it was a pity because the feel which was not well concentrated obscurely and is dispersed got” “the train Gyeoktusin drew and was tedious” “the movie class direction is so over on the foot acting” back is a pity. In ‘big issue’ broadcasted at last sixth, urgent Paparazzi field followed the secret scandal and this scandal happening in the heart of downtown was contained. The leaf asked to take a picture instead of Paparazzi who was unable to discover one stone pillar (chinmao Choo) of the homeless people look fortuitously chased by the police and cause the accident and the index number string (the person that one example is worm-eaten) that gets on the train in order to shoot the gambling scene of the famous idol getting wider in the train VIP room in secret was asked. One stone pillar set up the condition that it asks to find its own daughter before and it accepted the offer of the index number string. It waged the personal strife against on the train which runs with full power in order to take up after photo leaf. However, one stone pillar waging the hand-to-hand fight against the bodyguard threw one stone pillar under the train inside the river like the darkness. The Tteo ㅇ upgraded the past at the moment when the Il Eo went to the ceremony. Realize, in the past, the index number string and one stone pillar met for the doctor · actress scandal once. 2 people got to meet the perverse destiny with the accidental meeting. It notified relation which the real relation is not in advance. The exaggeration is not even if the highlight of the big issue ‘ initial can be said to be the train. Just the movie ‘le transperceneige’ of this scene consuming much time was reminded. However, it was far from the reality and the difference was given. It drew excessively and gave to be tedious. The splendid direction improved the percentage of completion of the drama. However, the acting a bit regretful of the actors and setting ups setting ups at a loss with the persuasive power was unable to build the consensus of the audiences. However, as much as the anchor is newly raised now, the interest is concentrated if the viewers are captivated with any kind of story in the future. As to ‘big issue’, number of every week is broadcasted thursday afternoon at 10 o’clock.
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