Today, (7 days) ‘the hot blood priest’ set return to be left ‘the rib minor phase’ steam


The actor Namgil Kim joined in SBS Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ shooting. The agency Ssijeseu entertainment of Namgil Kim revealed on 7th, “namgil Kim joined in ‘ hot blood priest ‘ shooting this morning”. The agency explained “in SBS, the shooting of Namgil Kim was left from the actor protection level with the will of the Mireoeu or actor that is trying to prevent Gyeolbang until the end of the week on 6th and it returned”. After that, it added “the ambulatory treatment will be gone side by side for the full recovery and the shooting will be kept” “it will do best for the prevention of recurrence afterward”. ‘the hot blood priest’ action scene of was taken a picture at last second and Namgil Kim got hurt the rib (rib). The third minor phase after the finger and wrist fracture He got the rib 3 number fracture and minuteness fracture diagnosis No. 4 and it caused to be unfortunate of many thises. Meantime, the role to be the priest Kimhae is undertaken and Namgil Kim is playing enthusiastically in ‘the hot blood priest’ starting to featuring the first broadcastings on the 15th of last month. He got the cracked wound in the wrist among ‘the hot blood priest’ shooting on the 25th of last month. But he revealed the enthusiasm for the work such as keeping the gyps the shooting with one house, etc.
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