10cm· Casey · this conch. The idol occupation chart center ‘the shined solo’


There are the solo singers standing firmly by the higher rank seat in the music chart where the Idol group hold. The idol dance music filling tightly with the melody which there is no chance to be rested for 3~4 minutes, is splendid is good. However, it is this and the songs as in the fork · Ballard covering the mind calmly observe the color of me and the immovable high grade is silently maintained. ◆ the sensibility 10cm ticket is foolish tune and ‘but’ 10 Cm (ten cms of under) which are showing the sound source strong man potential energy through the single album ‘4.3’ title song ‘but’ brought out at last seventh. But it was recorded in the domestic major right after release 7 sound source site (the melon, genie music, bucks, Naver-music, sound sea, bucks, and orle music) real-time chart 1 Wi and the first was recorded in the half an hour standard melon, genie music, bucks, sound sea, bucks, and orle music real-time chart a.m. 11 on 8th. As to 10 cms, the line opened the new musical composition ‘but’ in the solo concert 4.2 opening in last January. The love story of which was sad and calm the timid person who the representative ballad song ‘stoker’ of 10 cms is no less was put and the tune got the favorable comment called ‘the stoker of the second’ from the audiences at that time. The Chungyeol Kwon of 10 cms was explained as “the story of the timid character who this tune is unable to talk the innermost feelings which it is being sad like the Ballard center hero of other 10cm to the someone”. Moreover, it told. ◆ the reverse running popularity is enjoyed with the tune ‘the then was good’ brought out at December last year on 31st and there is the performance reverse running of Casey and ‘the then was good’ Casey. At that time, it was good, the attention growing in the release at the time against was unable to be hit and the appearing in TV including music program, and etc. was not done. However, it appeared on the KBS2 ‘the sketchbook of Yu Hee-Yeol’ recently and the excel live ability was shown and it got favorable reviews. After ‘the then was good’ was risen to the domestic major 7 music chart higher rank. However, it acted one more as the momentum according to Casey public relation authorized person side to be greeted more than this from the SNS, and etc. in advance. While various SNS images oves the version including the piano version, karaoke parlor version, and etc. was greeted from the agency Nexstar entertainment, the majority came up to SNS. In the karaoke parlor chart, the rank rose up and the public word of mouth was proved. At that time, it was good, Casey wrote the everyday depth someone or experienced parting in the meterial directly. The lyrics in which the old days with the leaving love seems to be regretful and which misses but which accepts the reality which cannot go back and which reminisces about the good then and which seems to confess its own one’s innermost feeling is impressive. ◆ ‘requested song’ (Feat it is Ballard this conch is considered ‘requested song’ (Feat which SUGA Of BTS) this conch brings out at last 22nd The favorable criticism called ‘also, this conch’ is gotten as SUGA Of BTS) and the music chart higher rank is maintained. The requested song ‘ is the tune of the detail that it listens the story which the night radio content DJ whose the comfort is urgently needed it is someone reads and the night comes out and it gets the comfort in the similar story. The bulletproof Boy Scouts sugar was in charge including the rap featuring till the writing the lyrics of the rap part directly. All Maat the composition of the tableau ‘requested song’ and writing the lyrics Especially Sugar participated the featuring in the song of the other artist for the first time after debutting as ‘requested song’. The requested song ‘ swept 6 the domestic major real-time music chart 1 Wi including, that is the release next day, a.m. 8 on 23rd standard Melon, m.net, genie music, orle music, bucks, sound sea, and etc. Today, (8 days) standard melon real-time chart 10 Wi was recorded.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747476.htm, 2019/03/08 13:52:03]