Dongwoo Jang military policeman test disqualification The second ring “the enlistment to active service fixed undecided”


The member Dongwoo Jang of the group infinite was disqualified for the military policeman test. The agency second ring entertainment revealed to be on 8th, “dongwoo Jang was disqualified for the 364th military policeman test with Geewonhaetgeeman today” “one which it joins faithfully as the notice of military duty comes out and serves”. The agency told to be “yet, the enlistment to active service constant didn’t come out” “one in which the man will carry out the days program with the first solo mini 1 album ‘ bi (Bye) ‘ title song ‘ news ‘ brought out including this week comeback performance at last fourth as scheduled”. There is Dongwoo Jang in the infinite after the Kim Sunggyu with the second opinion before the millitary service. The Kim Sunggyu joins the army at May last year on 14th and the active-duty is serving in 22 divisions. As to Dongwoo Jang, the announcement gets ” military policeman exam announcement in the solo album commemoration of sale showcase previously on March 8th. Must go directly if the notice comes out. The notice came out at September last year and it did that star shake Ssi installed a little more and I was little more seized and it tells. Meantime, dongwoo Jang announced the first solo album ‘the bi (Bye)’ of nine years of debut when being the joining the army all last album at last fourth.
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