KT and apartment · building LAN with the first in the world, as it is, 5 G internet speed implementation


The solution which it provides the biggest 5Gbps internet speed by using LAN in which KT is constructed in the apartment, building, and etc. as it was commercialized as the first in the world. On 8th, all Bahyeot KT is started beginning with the Songpa Helly the 13th of the 24 periods of the day look (9,510 generations) which is the largest in South Korea apartment complex based on the corresponding technique from last fifth in the genuine style commercial service of LAN base 10 G internet techniqueKT is holding the technology in which 1Gbps speed supply is possible in 2 couples of existing LAN. It is the situation where the indoor wiring most of the constructed apartment or small and medium building is installed by 2 couples of LAN in 2000 previously. When applying LAN base speed increase technology, 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps internet speed is possible as 2 couples of LAN, 4 couples in LAN environment, that is the indoor wiring of the existing apartment I. By applying the international standard (IEEE 802.3bz) correspondingly and developing the technology KT offers the maximum 5Gbps speed. And it selects automatically and 5Gbps, 2.5Gbps and 1Gbps speed can be provided on the environment. All the reform is posted this technology is included in the national ‘the terminal device technological standard’ of the early this year national electric wave researcher subjectivity KT developed this technology and related solution successfully the over year 2,018 cooperated with the domestic small business through science and technology ministry of Information and communication · Korea informalization Promotion Agency ’10 G Internet commercialization acceleration business’. The base was secured. 10 G Internet were built in Seoul and game capital area and Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province partial area since back in 2016 and KT applied the model service. And the major cities nationwide, including Seoul and six major metropolitan cities is providing the commercial service steadily from November last year for the first time in the country. As this LAN base 10 G internet technique is commercialized, stand KT for the high quality in which the high-capacity bandwidth including the vinegar realization U hd video service, virtual reality) (VR), augmented reality (AR) service and next generation Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) 802.11ax, and etc. is necessary for not only 10 G Internet based on the optical internet network of the best in the country but also LAN range. Biseu can be steadily served for the customer. The new technologies “the high quality 10 G Internet service of the world top class could be served for the customer living in the apartment or building, and etc. in which the optical cable is not installed through LAN base 10 G internet technique development without question” ” whole country this good friend KT infrastructure research institute director uses 10 G Internet everywhereIt will have been developing properly and revealed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747466.htm, 2019/03/08 09:42:41]