‘passion’ of class next reduced “only it takes care of the smoke” 40kg


4kg is not and it is almost 40kg decrement. Only the actor from comedian Ryu next took care of the acting and it dieted for 2 years. Successful. The public was making the cheer of his unlike other people passion, the agency SidusHQ of 7 days faultcurrent next revealed the new profile photo of class next. As to He, the astonishingly changed appearance was contained from the revealed photo. The image which the existing is warm vanishes. It is the fairly agile face. Class next according to the agency the official profile photo shooting this, for the first time. He installed to appear in the place with the looks which is more and more nimble with the weight loss and be the staffs surprised. Class next said in the interview with the news 1 “it dieted in 2 years” “about 40kg is reduced and it is 81kg and about 10kg would like to be more reduced in the future”. So far, class next appeared in the work in which the drama ‘the Don flower’ ‘Kijeoken Yeop she’ ‘-commission agency of the business’ ” gold rainbow ‘ movie ‘ Seoyugi returns ‘ back drama is various. However, it is his end to be confined to the image which was soft and warm and be a bit a pity because of being the various smokes the steps. He finishing the Sidus HQ and exclusive contract is the rumor that it notifies active activity in advance and is laboring over the next product selection recently. The netizen is ” big win. It is enviable. The looks which it expects to see the flowery path in the Georeu draft of a poem drama much in the future, challenges ” (sun9****) ” Ryudam Ssi is wonderful. TV meets in the aspects of actor, ” (soos****) “it is the same as the other man” (hjk2****) is really wonderful. It was much difficult but to exercise all the time in the future, it goes, the reaction of ” (cks5****) back is shown. Meantime, class next made debut as KBS 18 0 house comedian in 2003. In after opening to the public comedy program ‘gag Concert’, it appeared in the corner of ‘expert’ ‘uninvited guests’ etc. and the face was informed before. It played an active part in the variety artiste ‘the law of the jungle’ etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747447.htm, 2019/03/08 00:00:04]