Risky, ‘issue maker’ it is ‘the Ryujun heat appearance abasement’ Hanseohui and about this


The singer former trainee Hanseohui stopped once and at the center of debate. The photograph leaf was uploaded on 6th Instagram story which Hanser is white with the writing called “to follow the Ryujun heat before sleeping suddenly”. The lower official of the Hanseohui the photo is put. With make the look which it seems to do according to ‘the gum smile’, that is the appearancial feature of the Ryujun row, this is presumed. The netizens seeing the rash action of this day Hanseohui began to make the criticism for him. The Hanseohui person was unable to be aware. So this may look clearly like the appearance abasement and mockery. The public cold response is continued due to the post. Then another writing is uploaded and there is no of the evil, the photo is just watched and it follows and compares on 7th Instagram which in conclusion Hanser is white. Be sorry if it was uncomfortable. It will become mature Seo hui and it apologized. However, the cold eyes is still made for him and the netizen is in his apple. As to this reason, the dispute which Hanseohui makes, as to this is due to be not first time. Firstly, it arouses criticism white in 2016 big bang member tower with the smoking pot. Did you purchase, the hemp was smoked over the total of 4 times which Hanser is white at that time and the probation was sentenced to 120 hours of probation, additional fee 870,000 won, and etc. in 4, I declared the imprisonment to the year 2017 as the law breach allegation about the drug control as the feminist in 3 and it became a hot issue? I tell at the time “as to the transgender, the woman is not” which the Hanser which I assert as the feminist aiming at the human right of women improvement is white and the number of Harry is shot, or it is sarcastic to the actor infant phosphorus as ‘the uncle’ ‘the uncle’ and the verbal battle is waged against on SNS (the social network service) about the feminism. At June last year, “the bulletproof Boy Scouts Bwi was seen in the club in the age of 19” in the Instagram real time casting “are you enviable?”It said and the criticism of the fans was bought. When buying 0 minutes from the bulletproof Boy Scouts pans at that time, then it apologized “the gag order is not done and it is sorry” which Hanser is white. Meantime, it appeared on the year 2,013 MBC audition program ‘the great birth’ which Hanser is white as the singer trainee and the face was informed before.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747440.htm, 2019/03/08 00:00:03]