‘the captain marble’, in 2 days, 770,000 Also, the marble republic


Also it is the marble republic. The movie ‘the captain marble’ uses 770,000 audiences in 2 days with solder Korean paper and 1 million breakthroughs are put close at hand. The box op solder 한 ‘the captain marble’ ranking 774,148 accumulated audience according to 8 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result at last sixth 312,474 audiences are mobilized on 7th day the interest is concentrated the run alone of ‘the captain marble’ is continued to where it has the unsealing ahead presently, the Korean movie are in a rowThe first place of Seu was occupied. 2 ‘ resistance it is the result that it shows no. 10,948 on 1,996 screens across the country: Youkwansun story ‘ gathered the audience of 20,052 same days and ranking 911,063 accumulated audience. There is overpoweringly distinguished in the number of spectator but the overwhelming difference happens in the number of screens and showing frequency. ‘ resistance: As to youkwansun story ‘, in this day whole country 618 screen, 1,826 times were put on the screen. The treble difference appears when comparing ‘the captain marble’ and number of screens. The showing frequency has almost the factor of ten or greater. While the real screen proprietary of the captain marble ‘ started, the Korean movie were once again at a loss with the ground. However, the hot interest toward ‘the captain marble’ has the shape that is being more and more risen. ‘the captain marble’ is maintaining the booking rate which is high for 89.6% by the standard a.m. 10 on 8th. Previously, ‘the captain marble’ was introduced by the star Brie Larson as ‘feminist movie’ and faced the grade terror. While the negative atmosphere was formed from the unsealing, there was the eye line of the concern for ‘the captain marble’ but it patched up. ‘the captain marble’ ranking 460,857 release date the day and mobilized 461,481 accumulated audience. It is most the opening record in 2019 as well as 368,582 movie premiere audience prisoner of solder 한 ‘extreme Job’ is lightly exceeded this year. It exceeded and till 422,504 release date number of spectator of ‘the Iron Man 3’, that is the first place of marble solo movie performance, and the marble solo movie recorded the booking rate most. Like this, the leading by great margin of ‘the captain marble’ which uses and which it is getting off seems to continue for a while. The captain marble ‘ puts the story of the carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) which becomes more and more till the powerful power gotten as the member great of the warrior Cree of the flying ability originated from the pilot from and space and nap human and there is.
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