‘the coffee Friends’, today, (8 days) business closing which ‘the healing fun’ catches all


The TvN variety program ‘the coffee Friends’, today, one everyone.’ (8 days) last businessThe coffee Friends ‘ started from the donation project which Yeonseok Yoo and Sonhojun hosts for the past year. It was the start which melted the object of the Ppeo a division (Funation) which the fun (Fun) and donation (Donation) combine up naturally and which it gives the influence that it is good for these which aren’t used to the donation. At the same time, the interest was not missed. All Kkeureot the interest of the viewers the authenticity of the members who run out the best it is felt beyond TV stands out Moreover, the activity of the part-timers including the processing gloss, Yooroh Yoonhoh, Namjuhyeok, 3 Korean translation of Chinese character, and etc. presented to be each time interesting. Besides, the optimized Bakhui kite PD showed the andonce sensitive food direction and attention from viewers was properly captivated. ‘the coffee Friends’ cast revealed the end impression to the production crew among these. As to the flexibility seat, ‘ coffee Friends ‘ was the pleasure to ” I. As it was the work which it starts for the pleasant donation, it was clumsy but was happy and told. As to Sonhojun, the expression feeling bittersweet seems to be just hit. When it was difficult and greeting the customers, it was really happy, because surely one which doesn’t need to be grandiose could be learned, it was good and “***” donation revealed the impression. As to Geewoo Choi, taking care of the manager the sum total going to ” members seemed to be well hit. Because there was the en inspiring the flexibility seat and hand Lake than what, the en could come to here, the request of “***” 2 man to was listened and the friend saw to come running to Jeju Island without hesitation and 2 people was truly enviable and they installed. The omnipotence auxiliary quantity Se kind was the people who is really all nice. So, it is likely to be much truly memorable. The good memory was made and it thanked truly and revealed. The mind which the processing gloss sharing the beginning of the coffee Friends ‘ and end is a pity, is happy is great. What was likely to be together done in the future and it was excited and told. Today, in (8 days) ‘the coffee Friends’ final episode, the sequel to the story of the last business of the members and meanwhile is revealed. Besides, the popular menu best hit against the most choices 3, Baek Chongwon ticket feeling Bath recipe, and etc. which is planning to be revealed. The total amount of gains of the coffee Friends ‘ is donated as the support funds for the child with disability. Subsequently, it is broadcasted on the coming 15th at 9:10 p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747462.htm, 2019/03/08 09:35:40]