The cold-heartedness,… It became today, (8 days) motherThe woman delivered of a child child, altogether, the health ” (speciality)


The daughter beautiful in 3 years with the jewellery singer of origin and actor cold-heartedness agar marriage was held in arms. The agency jelly fish entertainment gave of the news of childbirth of the cold-heartedness in the afternoon on 8th. It reveals that cold-heartedness agar today (8 days) begetting a daughter was gotten and the agency is the condition where ” current woman delivered of a child and child is altogether fine. It looked, it was taking a rest with the congratulation of the family who the cold-heartedness is well known in the heart and explained. After that, it made a request “it asks to thank blessing all and pray the happiness to the home of Chunga Park”. All Maeeot loves passionately between the professional golfer Sangwoo Jeon of the cold-heartedness is previously well known last March 2015 2 years old swallowing which and year 1 and is the next year at May 15th in 2016 marriage vow whichUnder is the jelly fish entertainment official position speciality. Hello. It is the jelly fish entertainment. The happy news is trying to be reported in relation with the actor Chunga Park. The actor Chunga Park delivered the daughter who the today was beautiful and who is healthy. Presently, the child is altogether fine. And it is taking a rest in the congratulation of the family and care. It thanks blessing all. And the happiness wishes to be prayed to the home of Chunga Park.
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