The ~ hang Chinyeong Hong out…’The feed back of the fun blee ‘


So was the loveable number? And appearance it is the ability and appearance it is the ability it is the charms and fun it is the charms Till the moreover humble attitude What is done but there is no one which is not enough. The singer Chinyeong Hong getting the love of the whole nation had the first regular albums from the teenager till 80 and it came back to the fan neighborhood. It was the Seoul Mapo in the afternoon on 8th and Chinyeong Hong held ‘Lots of Love’ (the Racheu Obeu rub) comeback showcase which is held in the Bek Bum Ro 35 Sogang University Mary hall. The first regular album ‘Lots of Love’ of Chinyeong Hong caused the song about the love so far and as much as the love which is many in the fans was gotten, ‘put fullness and send the love’ had the meaning. Because the self-composed music and teuroteu besides genre in which the various musical attempts peeps out is included with the title song ‘in the tonight’, especially it is looking forward. This day showcase progressed with the society of the comedian Kim Yeong iron with the opening VCR, photo time, title song ‘in the tonight’ music video showing, title song ‘in the tonight’ stage first opening to the public, interview, Q&a, and recording song ‘the spring it seeps in’ stage order. It was regardless of the age and as much as it was the comeback of the teuroteu star that is being loved, the group of reporters which about 100 person is over attended in this day event and the hot interest was realized. All Geonnet the greeting towards the audience with the micro which the peculiar charm is full of Chinyeong Hong when it begins However, it leaned on the show-host Kim Yeong season as the look in which it freezes up in each moment whether this day Chinyeong Hong in the universe was a bit tense. The one’s elder sister related by blood Sonyeong Hong of Chinyeong Hong was silently located at one volume of seat and the comeback performance of the one’s younger brother for was rooted. It is Sonyeong Hong Chinyeong Hong sister that is famous for the sister who the friendship is good. Maybe because of being like that, Sonyeong Hong was the look which it is tenser more than the brother rising to the stage. ‘in the tonight’ (Love Tonight), that is the regular album title tune, is the retro Ppung teuroteu tune which is born as the new harmonization of the disco punky genre and teuroteu in 1980’s. New ‘the nation teuroteu’ of people of all ages and both sexes someone or Chinyeong Hong whom it can call easily is expected to become one disco pop sound based on the since base in addition to the trot. It is the Heol rice cake and Chinyeong Hong opening the stage primally dances the breathing “it is the tune which the most choreographings enter ‘ tonight among the song which it called so far” from first to last. Maybe because of being like that, it was furtively difficult and the chattiness was shaken. In the meantime, the idea that the man whose there is a lot of the part which sang the trot always and in which it worried will be good if he sympathized was done. So, the teuroteu was grafted onto the style and it spoke in the rat. It is the attempt new of Chinyeong Hong whom it connects to graft EDM onto the trot after ‘ring ring’ in 2017 and call. Whenever it ran the new try always, as to Chinyeong Hong, the person who is aside was Yeongsu Cho composer Nim. Unconditionally the regular album title gave of the bow which the sincerity is young towards Yeongsu Cho who gives writing and composing songs of the title song the Domat child because there was the mind that it will do with the tune of Yeongsu Cho composer Nim. In ‘the not luck our cub’, the showcase of this day Chinyeong Hong added that one’s elder sister related by blood Sonyeong Hong who it gained the huge popularity among and who was joyful. One in which it shows the deceitful expression and the group of reporters discovered Sonyeong Hong leads the environment jollily when snapping a flashlight towards him. Because of playing ” sister (sonyeong Hong) the title song, ‘ part Korean A-frame was good and Chinyeong Hong was supported. The sister called ‘in the tonight’ directly. It was well Bureu and the elder sister supporting me continuously was warmly watched from the performance place behind than me in fact. This day Chinyeong Hong sang the recording song ‘the spring it seeps in’ which I compose besides the title song ‘in the tonight’ directly enthusiastically and finished the event. Because of being not to lose ” first intention lastly, He uses to brace him by oneself. By no means, it is not to see that part and like. It will be active as unchanging figure, It will become the senior striving for the junior training it was active as “***” teuroteu singer and the activity determination was tramped this year at the same time. Come March 8 days (gold) the new musical composition ‘in the tonight’ of Chinyeong Hong is opened through every kind sound source site at 6 p.m. Chinyeong Hong comes out on the first regular album activity beginning with the beat showcase progressing in Sogang University Mary hole this day from 7 p.m.
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