‘the rookie with the Chungmu’ this early spring and ‘the face which is clear and clean’


The actor this early spring is listening to the question of the group of reporters while the press preview of the documentary ‘1,919 Youkwansun’ is held in the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Lotte cinema entrance to Konkuk University point in the afternoon on 8th. The movie ‘1,919 Youkwansun’ which is the official support work of the Commemoration Project Commission in the 100th anniversary with the presidential March 1st Independence Movement and Republic of Korea temporary government establishment is the work setting in the Seodaemun prison 8 number cell in which one national heroine Yoo Kwan-Soon and women fighters for independence are the period of Japanese occupation days independent movement confined.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747491.htm, 2019/03/08 13:30:43]