The single ‘slow’ issue…’ Beomsu Kim comes backThe return of king ‘


The singer Beomsu Kim announces the first new musical composition this year. The entertainment revealed the agency on 8th, “beomsu Kim announces the noon new digital single ‘ slow ‘ (Slow) on the coming 14th” completely. ‘can be said to be the love’ (Prod announced with the slow ‘the long-term sound source project in which Beomsu Kim commemorates the debut in the 20th anniversary and which brings out’ MAKE 20 ‘ (the make Tween flaw) the fifth single at September last year It is the second opinion new make (newMAKE20) new musical composition after the Rokkobe Ri). JungDong ring of the male duo mail romance was in charge of the arrangement and Beomsu Kim and the first collaborations were spread and the singer song writer percent (PERC%NT) and number of the brother take part in the composition and writing the lyrics and the expectation is more raised. ‘slow’ first teaser video was opened through the formal SNS and YouTube account at last seventh afternoon and Beomsu Kim gave the fans of the new musical composition announcement news directly. The looks which looks and is laughing brightly whether the heroine of the beautiful face is someone in this teaser video of which the background music of the melody pulled the sole flows out or not is contained. And the second opinion teaser video that afterward is revealed arouses the second opinion teaser video curiosity. The new musical composition ‘slow’ of about Beomsu Kim taking off the veil in just 4 months is released through the noon every kind on-line sound source site on the coming 14th.
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